Soon All Investors Might Be Able to Hit it Big in Oil and Gas Deals

by | published April 15th, 2014

By the time I retired as a university professor last year, I had seen thousands of gifted students pass through my doors.

Invariably, I would try to give them what passed for advice.

One of these bits of wisdom stemmed from a question a student posed years ago. “If you could only give a single piece of advice,” he asked, “what would it be?”

My answer became a staple in all my classes from that point forward.

“You may not believe it,” I told him, “but someday you are going to be able to pay the rent. Once that happens, what’s it going to be that gets you out of bed in the morning?”

I would pose this as a question and listen to their answers. Then I would leave them with the real point I wanted to make…

“For me,” I told them, “it is all about keeping up the excitement and anticipation. You do this very simply. Each morning, challenge yourself to push the envelope: pose a new question, solve a new problem, reexamine a situation from a new perspective, or just refuse to admit defeat.”

It’s the way I have lived this life, one that has seen some rather unexpected turns.

One of them is happening right now in Fort Lauderdale. It’s a change so stunning, I can barely contain my excitement and anticipation this time.

It’s a way for ALL investors to get in on direct oil and gas deals…

A Bold, New Green Energy Plan Meets Reality (And it Bites)

by | published April 10th, 2014

It was supposed to be a bold, new move…

But Germany’s attempt to phase out nuclear energy while becoming more reliant on renewable energy has slammed headlong into reality. And it bites.

In this case, the audacious vision was one thing, but the resilience of the end user turned out to be something else altogether.

As with most of these green efforts, German consumers are getting hit hard in the wallet.

Under the plan, Germans are now suffering through rapidly accelerating electricity prices with the highest rate increases in Europe.

But there is quite a bit more to this story. Germany’s alternative energy plan also threatens to derail the economic recovery of the European Union (EU) as well.

This is quickly turning into far more than a test of one nation’s resolve