The Opportunity in This Market is “Eye-Opening”

by | published January 22nd, 2015

As we shift into the “post-oil age,” one thing is very clear: This is no longer a zero sum game.

While crude will continue to be the star, other sources of energy will start to gain market share.

A new energy balance will begin to take hold, and it will have less and less to do with crude.

As I discussed in the last issue, this new world will include a massive move into renewables like wind and solar power.

But the truth is bigger than that.

The “post-oil age” will be driven by a major move into biofuels as well.

In fact, the projected future size of this market is nothing short of eye-opening…

Solar Power is at a Tipping Point (The Upshot is Massive Profits)

by | published January 20th, 2015

I have spent years tracking dozens of promising renewable energy companies.

And while the potential of these groundbreaking companies has always been tempting, there have always been limitations holding them back.

New projects require intensive amounts of working capital to make them fully compatible with traditional methods of generating power, and there’s the widely held assumption that renewables can’t survive absent government subsidies and benefits.

All of these, of course, have simply added to the costs that end-users have to pay.

And in the case of solar and wind, there has always been the problem of generating electricity when there’s no wind or sunshine to tap.

What’s more, projects in this sector have always needed a sufficient amount of private investment to get off the ground.

Yet, as it turns out, each of these drawbacks is less of a deal-breaker than originally thought.

You see, despite the odds, alternative energy – led by solar power – is rapidly approaching what the industry has always considered to be the “Holy Grail.”

The upshot for investors is massive profits…