Brexit Just “Killed” London as the Energy Capital of the World

by | published June 24th, 2016

There was no sleep overnight in my global network, as it became increasingly clear the UK had voted to leave the EU. Major moves are underway in the global energy sector as players attempt to wrestle with what may be the biggest single event to jolt markets in decades.

Once the dust settles, the UK will take its place as a now second-tier economy.

And after having spent all night talking with my contacts in Europe and Asia, here are the immediate takeaways from the Brexit vote for you and your investments…

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What the Latest Oil Balance “Mantra” is Really About

by | published June 21st, 2016

As the energy markets await the results of the UK vote on EU membership on Thursday, as I covered last week, the news has picked up another "energy mantra" to repeat endlessly – and as per usual, it’s making a mess of it.

For the past two weeks, analysts and pundits, many without any experience of oil fields or with advising actual oil companies, have been hailing the advent of an “oil balance.” To be sure, as regular readers of Oil & Energy Investor well know, some of us have been focusing on that very same subject for much longer.

But it’s now become the topic du jour, with every "talking head" addressing it.

The problem is that most of those now bandying about the term are still getting it wrong, despite being late to the party. You see, when discussing the "oil balance," either the pundits talk about supply and demand, or they emphasize OPEC versus everybody else.

Each view has something to commend it. Unfortunately, the current oil balance is something quite different altogether…