Why the Pundits are Wrong About Oil Prices

by | published September 25th, 2014

Several pundits attributed yesterday’s spike in oil prices to the recognition that the fight against ISIS in Iraq-Syria will be a long one.

As usual, the 30-second TV wonders missed the boat.

Of course, the ongoing chaos in the Middle East is certainly a factor. To the extent that oil traders begin to calculate its impact into their risk models, there will be an effect.

However, when it comes to what actually moves oil prices there are more important factors now in play.

In fact, there are three major price influences these “analysts” have ignored…

Where Oil Prices Are Headed After Middle East Airstrikes

by | published September 24th, 2014

Kent Moors Iraq OilFuture gas and oil prices are in focus this week as the U.S. and its allies have initiated airstrikes in Syria and Iraq.

Kent explains where oil prices are headed, and what you can expect to pay at the pump in coming months…

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