Tapping Pipelines for Profits

by | published July 26th, 2014

The first oil pipeline was a simple affair: lengths of 2 in. wrought iron pipe that ran five miles, from a Pennsylvania oilfield to a train station in Oil Creek.

But that pipeline, built by the Oil Transport Association in 1859, started a revolution. Oil pipelines have changed how and where oil is found, refined and sold, and have turned America into one of the world’s leading oil producers.

Most importantly for investors, they don’t just pump oil, they pump profits…

What I Plan to Tell China Tonight About an 800 lb. Russian Gorilla

by | published July 24th, 2014

Around 8:30 tonight, I’ll be live on Chinese national TV again, just before the markets open in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

This audience is usually larger than the entire U.S population, and the anchors always give me more time than any other outlet in the world.

It’s a good thing, too…

Because tonight the topic is the new European Union sanctions against Russia set to be announced today.

In the wake of the shoot-down of Malaysian Airlines flight 17, the continuing (and accelerating) Russian arming of separatists in civil war-torn Eastern Ukraine, and a new stiffening of resolve in Brussels, these sanctions are going to be harsher than any instituted thus far.

And for the first time, they are likely to target the energy sector.

That guarantees that all hell may be about to break loose…