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Shale Gas Rockets in 2011: Fracking's New Energy Revolution

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Shale is no longer "the future" of natural gas... It's now...

And fracking is paying-off in high profits for those who know how to take advantage of it.

The reason is simple: Old natural gas wells around the globe are running dry, replaced by new shale wells.

And nearly 700 trillion cubic feet of shale gas is still sitting under the United States, waiting to be pumped out for major profits.

There's as much energy here as in all of Saudi Arabia. In fact, America contains enough shale gas that it could mean a new era of energy independence. The U.S. would no longer be at the mercy of mad dictators and greedy cartels to supply its energy needs.

And there's only one way to get all of that shale gas out of the ground.

Fracking, a new technology, makes it possible to access the huge shale gas (and shale oil) deposits under U.S. soil. The fracking process is simple and uses mostly water to accomplish what heavy machinery tried to do for decades.

Fracking and horizontal drilling, another new technique, are unlocking shale gas deposits that were long ago given up as impossible.

And with the advent of these two technologies, fracking and horizontal drilling, ambitious benefits are now out there for those who know where to get into the new shale gas industry.

There are five timely ways to play shale gas right now - all of them with extreme earnings potential for smart investors.

It's all in my latest report.

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