Special Reports

The New “Iran Deal” Opportunity Outlook

After the huge announcement that a deal has been struck between Iran and the U.S. on the Iranian nuclear program, the Oil & Energy Investor team has put together this research report to explain what this deal means for investors and for the price of oil. Full Report.

Why 2015 Is the Year of the Battery, and How You Can Profit From It

Battery technology is the one breakthrough that will transform solar power, wind power, and electric cars. Researchers at dozens of university and corporate labs are racing to discover batteries that are more efficient, cheaper, and longer lasting, using everything from nanotechnology and exotic materials to common dirt and blue jean dye. Full Report.

The Energy Sector’s Best Low-Risk, High-Yield Opportunities

Contrary to popular belief, you can earn juicy yields well beyond what a bank or Treasury bond offers without taking on too much risk. With one simple move, you can earn much greater returns and lower your tax burden. Full Report.

Wind Power: 5 Ways to Play the Next Revolution in Energy

Wind power is booming. Even in oil-rich Texas, wind farms are on the rise, capable of providing electricity to one-third of the state. Worldwide, it’s one of the fastest growing energy sectors, unleashing unprecedented opportunities for investors. Full Report.

Two Catalysts are About to Hand You the Best Energy Investment of the Decade

Two unrelated factors, thousands of miles apart, are about to transform the U.S. into one of the world’s largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporters, and send the share price of my favorite investment through the roof. Full Report.

My 15-Point Strategy to Make You Money

The energy sector is about to unlock staggering gains. Here’s my time-tested strategy for bringing home the big winners. Full Report.

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