This “Nanocatalyst” Breakthrough Will Change the Way We Drive Cars Forever

by | published March 21st, 2017

Occasionally, something crosses my desk that brings me back to my very early years, the ones in which theoretical physics was just about the only thing I thought about (aside from playing baseball).

I had a professor then that would comment on how important pure science was, even though more research money flowed into applied matters.

He used to say: “Pure science can teach us about the origins of the universe. But unless you can turn that into developing a quicker-drying paint, there is unlikely to be much market interest in it.”

However, over my years in the energy sector, I’ve seen that the two worlds sometimes come very close together.

And they’re about to do just that again. Because researchers have come up with a revolutionary – and cheap – new way to fuel cars.

Here’s what you need to know…

What This Oil Price Roller Coaster Actually Tells Us

by | published March 17th, 2017

Crude oil prices this morning are up slightly and effectively flat following the fast decline earlier this week.

Despite the clamor being raised by “analysts” portending a bloodbath in oil prices during the  sharp decline late last week, neither the underlying market dynamics nor the oil trading contracts themselves were pointing in that direction. 

You see, the drop in price actually had very little to do with the real supply of oil…