Oil & Energy Investor by Dr. Kent Moors

Tracking the Oil Price Roller Coaster

by | published February 19th, 2019

Following the intersection of several bullish elements, crude oil prices are moving up again.

Absent some extraneous moves by those desperate to “fake” a slide, thereby cashing out on another quick round of short plays, this upward trajectory is taking hold.

And even without major geopolitical crisis events jacking up the price – and traders consider global uncertainty one of the worst elements in suppressing prices – oil prices are moving up.

This trend is certainly a breath of fresh air after the last few months.

There are several reasons for this change in the market, some of which I have discussed in previous editions of Oil & Energy Investor.

However, as always, the market is complicated and multi-faceted.

In this case, there are three overarching considerations that are fundamental to the current market

The Situation Room: Profits in Renewable Energy and the South China Sea

by | published February 18th, 2019

Good morning, everybody, and happy President’s Day.

Although the markets are closed today, the busy world of energy never stops. In particular, renewable energy has been rising in the political world with the “Green New Deal” that’s been creating quite a large amount of buzz in the headlines.

While I’m always glad to see important energy developments in the minds of policy-makers, this one has been particularly controversial. So, without further ado, here are the top two of the top four situations I’ll be watching for this week.