Why the U.S. Natural Gas Price Squeeze Is On Its Last Legs

by | published December 8th, 2017

American natural gas prices are at their lowest since February.

As I write this, Henry Hub (the primary confluence of pipelines in northern Louisiana at which the NYSE daily futures contract price is pegged) is off 11 cents to $2.79 per thousand cubic feet (or million BTUs), having lost 8.8% in value for the week and 12% for the month. 

The reason is simple: overall demand is coming in lower than this time last year.

But that’s not going to last for much longer.

You see, there is a major catalyst in the natural gas market that could soon send prices through the roof in 2018.

Here’s how

What the Energy Market Will Look Like in 2020

by | published December 6th, 2017

With stories about the end of oil – or coal, gas, nuclear, etc. – seemingly appearing every day, many of you have asked me about what the future of energy looks like.

Now, my premium Energy Advantage members just received their 2018 Energy Forecast special briefing. Inside, they saw exactly what to expect from oil, gas, lithium, and other energy sources in 2018…

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But I already have my mind on a far more important date…

A date when we will enter into a new energy balance.

That date is 2020.

Here’s what that will look like.