Oil & Energy Investor by Dr. Kent Moors

The Chinese LNG Conundrum

by | published October 20th, 2018

Longtime readers of Oil & Energy Investor are aware that I’m deeply involved in global politics.

It was a somewhat natural progression from my career as a U.S. intelligence officer to become an advisor and consultant for multiple governments around the world.

The result?

I am privy to more information than most in the area of global geopolitics.

Of course, it’s the energy side of things that is of the most interest to me.

In fact, there are fewer than 50 people who control the energy industry worldwide.

And they all have me on speed dial.

In the span of my career, I’ve never have a shortage of energy-related issues to analyze and advise on.

Especially these days.

Energy has been on the hot plate these past few weeks and months, and it’s no surprise.

From Saudi Arabia and OPEC raising production levels to the rise of renewable energy to the ever-expanding economic crisis in Venezuela, we’ve been seeing many different factors influence the oil industry.

The most influence on the price of oil, along with oil exports, however, lies in Asia…

On Journalist Deaths and the Price of Oil

by | published October 18th, 2018

Next week in Riyadh, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) is having his Futures Investment Initiative (FII).

Dubbed the “Davos in the Desert,” the extravaganza is meant to showcase the dramatic plans for both Saudi internal development and the kingdom’s foreign investment priorities.

Those plans are encompassed in “Vision 2030,” designed by MBS to employ the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF). That plan intends to diversify the Saudi economy and move massive amounts of foreign investment into the country, at the same time weaning revenue flows from a dependence on crude oil sales.  

The FII has morphed into what is now an annual three-day event, and is supposed to rival the Swiss meeting each January at Davos in the global market, financial, and investment leaders it attracts.

However, while the conference is still being held this year, many of the outside luminaries have decided not to attend.

And for one very serious reason…