How Iran’s Gas Plans Just Put Russia “Under Siege”

by | published February 24th, 2017

Not everybody attending the Iranian natural gas summit last week in Frankfurt was there for the same reason.

While most were gauging the prospects for an opening of major natural gas reserves and liquefied natural gas (LNG) export prospects, others were there for quite different reasons.

Take the three representatives from Russia’s gas giant Gazprom (OGZPY), for example. They weren’t there to scout new investment packages. On the contrary…

They were there to see just how badly their company’s position was under siege.

And it’s no wonder the Gazprom guys looked concerned. From what I saw at the summit, they have every reason to be.

For energy investors, on the other hand, the news is very good…

The Billion Dollar Natural Gas Frenzy America Will Miss Out On

by | published February 21st, 2017

One thing emerged clearly during my four days of meetings with the Iranians in Frankfurt last week. There is now enough European support to allow Iran to move forward with some of the biggest natural gas and LNG (liquefied natural gas) projects in a decade.

There are still long negotiations ahead, with considerable risk assessment necessary throughout the design and implementation stages.

Some of these projects will never see the light of day because, the risk factor will simply be too high. That’s despite the impressive bottom line potential here. You see, these deals will likely provide access to deeply discounted natural resources.

Both the governments in London and Berlin have announced intentions to increase business dealings with Tehran.

And major energy companies such as French Total SA (TOT) and Anglo-Dutch Royal Dutch Shell plc (RDS-A/RDS-B) are now well into what they hope will be multi-billion-dollar natural gas and LNG projects.

There’s just one stumbling block left…

The U.S.

Here’s why… and how much it could hurt us…