How This Imaginary Line is Pushing Oil Prices Up

by | published May 19th, 2017

Oil prices have swung harder this month than in years.

On Wednesday, you saw how – and why – some financial institutions manipulated the market to start these swings.

But to give you insight into why the markets played along with these manipulators, I asked Sean Levine to give you his view of what’s happening with oil – and where crude prices are going next.

As Director of Research and Product Development at the Energy Capital Research Group, where I’m Executive Chairman, Sean has an unmatched view of what oil markets are up to.

And as you’re about to see, there’s nothing "real" about what’s been happening to oil this month.

Here he is…

Look How the Big Banks are Manipulating Oil Prices Now

by | published May 17th, 2017

There’s a lot of rumors flying around the oil industry right now, and the financial news channels have no idea how to handle it.

One day, they’ll be talking about OPEC abandoning its oil deal and letting oil prices fall.

The next, they’ll be all over a drop in oil in storage in the U.S, driving prices up. You’d be forgiven for not knowing what on Earth is going on…

And thinking you should just stay out of the energy market altogether.

But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, today is a great time to get in. You see, there’s a reason why oil prices nosedived so fast two weeks ago…

And why they’re recovering at record speed.

Here’s what my contacts are telling me