The Simple Reason Why Renewables are Surging (It’s Not the Government)

by | published June 21st, 2017

After last year’s election, a number of pundits had predicted that a Trump victory would usher in a new age for coal and crude oil in the U.S.

Renewables, like solar and wind, would be used as alternatives only in certain regions of the country – or so these pundits suggested.

Well, it’ hardly worked out that way, even with the more recent decision to cut the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord.

Renewables are soldiering on, and the reason is simple (and market-based)

What the Fed’s Interest Rate Hike Means for Oil Prices

by | published June 16th, 2017

Finally, after almost a decade of historically low interest rates, the Fed is removing the proverbial punchbowl from the easy-money party.

As it stands, Yellen & Company are only moving rates a mere 0.25% each time – most recently this past Wednesday, for the second time this year.

That’s great news for anyone looking for investment income.

But unfortunately, it also means projections of doom and dread for oil prices are now running rampant.

These talking heads would have you believe that the sky is once again about to fall, because higher interest rates are supposedly dire news for oil prices.

Here’s why they’re wrong