Why Iran Won’t Mind Today’s Sanctions Decision – But U.S. Oil Will

by | published October 13th, 2017

With all the issues Europe faces today – Brexit, debt problems, political discord – spending the week in Milan was definitely an interesting experience for Marina and me.

But out of all those issues, my contacts were concerned about one thing above all else…

I’m talking about Washington’s pending action on the Iranian nuclear accord.

And among the circles I travel in, most of the angst over this action is found in the intersection between energy issues and the once-again rising level of geopolitical tension.

But before we turn to the energy implications, here’s what exactly is happening in Washington.

As I write this, President Donald Trump just announced he will not recertify Iranian compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

That’s the two-year-old agreement between Tehran and six major Western nations designed to limit Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

The primary EU nations have already indicated they will move immediately to support JCPOA and break with any U.S. action, thereby driving yet another wedge between the U.S. and its erstwhile allies in the European Union.

And while Iran might end up not being hurt much at all…

Here’s why U.S. oil companies will suffer.

The Three Best Stocks to Buy Today

by | published October 11th, 2017

I don’t usually do this.

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But given the huge increase in geopolitical crises and their impact on the availability, security, and price of energy…

It’s crucial that you know exactly how to make money in today’s energy market.

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