Opportunity Knocks With My Game-Changing Proposal in London

Opportunity Knocks With My Game-Changing Proposal in London

by | published October 24th, 2013

I flew into Pittsburgh late last night from the UK… but I’ve barely had the time to unpack my suitcase.

This morning I’m off the airport again to fly down to Baltimore to meet with the Money Map staff. That means today’s issuewill be quick and to the point.

But as promised, I wanted to give you all the details on the major energy proposal I offered in London on Tuesday.

If this works, it will hand us some significant opportunities to pursue our main objective: Making a substantial amount of money in the energy markets.

With that in mind, here’s the full story from “across the pond”…

And why things are about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Major Moves in “The City”

First, let me set the scene for Tuesday’s briefing…

In the audience were current ambassadors to the UK, British and European Union officials, corporate executives, UK high commissioners, various market experts and members of the Windsor Energy Group (WEG), a high-powered international consortium.

Founded over a decade ago under a charter from Queen Elizabeth II, the Windsor Energy Group sponsored the meeting, held in London’s financial center – otherwise known as “The City.”

As with all WEG sessions, my briefing was held under Chatham House rules.

Dr. Kent Moors

Kent during his London briefing; seated to his left is Lord David Howell, head of the Windsor Energy Group and the legendary architect of British energy policy. Lord Howell chaired Kent’s appearance. 

Those rules dictate that, while the substance of what is discussed can be related outside the meeting, no specific reference can be made to what any named person actually held as an opinion during the session.

It also meant that there was no press in attendance either at the briefing or the very private three-hour dinner held for the most important 23 individuals who attended.

I did, however, have several media interviews between the briefing and the dinner to provide some general points from my observations.

On the other hand, since the proposals were mine, there is certainly nothing to prevent me from departing somewhat from Chatham House rules, giving you all the highpoints.

They begin with a monumental shift…

Unlike Anything We Have Ever Seen Before

As I have discussed, we are about to witness a major change in the development of international oil, gas, and power generation.

This will involve a massive expansion of unconventional shale gas and tight (usually also called shale) oil production worldwide, along with substantial moves in infrastructure, electrical production and grid networking.

For all of this, cross-border movements quite unlike anything we have ever witnessed will be required.

As such, I recommended six interrelated elements that will be essential in the development of a game-changing approach to energy production and dissemination.

This shift will require:

(1) The identification, prioritization, and availability of technical innovation;

(2) An overall approach to predicting and containing costs;

(3) Attention to the adverse impacts on everyday life from the increasing exploitation of unconventional oil and gas – environmental, local/regional, and economic, market and labor dislocation problems;

(4) Planning flexibility to allow a wider selection of service providers, expertise, equipment, and technique applied to projects internationally, with an emphasis on developing in-country sources of technology, equipment and training worldwide;

(5) Development and application of new models for project finance; and

(6) Comprehensive regulatory and risk management approaches to merge government, private sector and social needs and objectives.

I also spent some time during the briefing and in the private discussions over dinner outlining how all of this could be done. The key is developing a seamless way to integrate the many factors within the six elements above.

This will require early attention to what is needed in countries around the world and identifying who is likely to provide the solutions.

And it is here that we are going to obtain an early indication of the companies, approaches, and breakthroughs that are likely to provide major profits for investors. In fact, what I intend to do here is expand the stage on which individual investors normally operate.

In the future, we will be going global.

To make this happen, there will have to be a primary venue for the planning, identification, coordination and application in the energy sector as needed.

It just so happens that I’m involved in that as well.

In May, as many of you may recall, I was appointed Executive Chair of the Global Energy Symposium (GES).

This ground breaking new effort will bring noted international energy figures together to conduct ongoing analysis and priority identification, along with providing policy recommendations to governments, international agencies, corporations, environmentalists, and social groups.

This effort is so critical that I will be leaving my university appointments to head up this international group. But don’t worry, the way average individuals will profit from this will still continue on right here in OEI and in my specialized investment subscriptions through Money Map.

As we get closer to its first major international conclave in April of next year, you are going to hear a lot more about the GES. But one thing is certain: You are about to get an inside view on some of the most important energy changes in a generation.

Already, the London session has had an immediate impact on wider circles of interest. So over the next several weeks, you are coming along as Marina and I talk to other high-powered groups in Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, and a series of very private meetings at our second home in the Bahamas.

The international energy picture is changing fast and we are going to be right in the center of it.

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  1. Dale F. Haselhorst
    October 24th, 2013 at 13:17 | #1

    Dr. Moors, I have been an independent oil operator and producer since 1979. I’ve seen the ups and downs of this business. What do you think the future holds for the small independent oil man.

  2. October 24th, 2013 at 13:40 | #2

    Shocking. Cant wait to get an understanding of all the details.

  3. Bruce Hayhoe
    October 24th, 2013 at 14:44 | #3

    I think I/we have bet on the right horse (for a change ). Thank you for all you do and the guidance for an old (83) amateur investor.
    God Bless
    Bruce Hayhoe Sr

  4. October 27th, 2013 at 10:12 | #4

    What is Dr Moors recommendation to buy the stock or stocks associated with the $175 trillion article.
    And his recent visit to London? Please advise.

    Thanks and all the best

  5. Don Brooks
    October 30th, 2013 at 09:36 | #5

    30 2013 1100 am What kind of investments are we looking at And when are thet gone to open Thanks DR Moore

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