We Struck Oil…Lots of Oil

We Struck Oil…Lots of Oil

by | published May 15th, 2014

Between hitting a gusher of oil and gas on our first well in Money Map Project #1 and finalizing the details on Money Map Project #2, it has been quite a week.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. There was plenty of adventure thrown in just to keep it all real.

I ascribe it all to Asgaya Gigagei, the lightning spirit of the Cherokee. He (or she, depending on the version used) was out in full force this week.

My Tulsa meeting was smack in the middle of the Cherokee nation and there was nasty weather throughout. And to get there, I had to fly through a massive snow storm in Denver.

And by the time I made it to Oklahoma, Asgaya Gigagei was just beginning to stir things up. Massive thunderstorms and tornadoes cancelled everything flying out. When I finally did get a flight a day later, it was through Chicago Midway.

Of course, the fun was not done yet…

Ten minutes into landing, our plane was diverted to St. Louis. A fire at the air traffic control center in Elgin, Illinois, closed both Midway and O’Hare, bringing more planes to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport than they have ever seen before.

Finally, I got a flight through Charlotte that brought me back to Pittsburgh at 1:30 in the morning, two days later than scheduled. It seems these Cherokee divinities can pack quite a wallop.

But the nasty weather took a backseat to the amazing news from my Money Map projects.

While in Tulsa, I got the word that the Willard #1H combined well in South Texas hit what is shaping up to be a significant strike…

Up From the Ground Came the Bubbling Crude

It happened on Saturday, when the Willard #1H-2 well encountered a veritable gusher of oil and gas at an early stage while drilling horizontally in the Buda Lime. The production was coming in at four barrels a minute.

In all, between 200 and 300 barrels of oil quickly accumulated in the pit, while a gas flare between 40 and 70 feet also occurred.


This was the scene in Burleson County, Texas on Saturday. Congratulations to all who invested.

As a result, the #1H-2 flow was closed off on Sunday to complete the drilling. The well still had about 1,500 feet to go into the Buda Lime. Upon completion, both components of the drilling program (#H-1 and #H-2) will be brought on line together for full production.

Keep in mind, these are only the first two of a 25-well project and Money Map Project #1 investors will receive profits for the life of the wells.

But the fun didn’t end there. When flow was opened again on Wednesday, things got even better.

Despite the fact the well hasn’t even been put into full production yet, we first received 100 barrels and then 250 barrels per hour.
By day’s end, we had over 1,500 barrels in the pit (with deliveries already commencing) and a steady gas flare of 50 feet.

Today, the field crew is slowing down the flow rate to finish up the drilling. Initial estimates on site put this single well – #1H-2 – at daily production of between 1,000 and 2,000 barrels.

At current market prices that would throw off as much as $200,000 or more in revenue each day.

All from just our first well.

It followed an earlier decision to extend the Willard #1H, which had been completed into the Austin Chalk, with a second drilling below into the Buda Lime, thereby saving time and drilling expenses (the rig was already there and operating). We decided to hold the flow from the first well until the second is completed to maximize the production return.

Initial indications now point toward a reserve of both oil and gas much larger than even I had hoped for. But that will be borne out only when full production commences shortly.

Another Sweet Spot…And It Just Gets Better From Here

But that’s not the only good news I have today…

There are also positive developments occurring in our East Texas plays, with production reports from our operator and other nearby companies that indicate we have found another sweet spot.

With the acquisition of the Whelan Lease, we are already in production territory on the Manziel acreage. Yes, this is production on the land of a family whose grandson is on his way to the Cleveland Browns to pursue another line of work.

Of course,theMoney Map folks who have opted in to our record-setting first project (the first ever project that allows accredited retail investors into drilling projects for a fraction of what it used to cost) also get something else…

Access to all of the projects I design for an entire year without spending anything else for the subscription!

Which brings me to the reason I was tangling with a Cherokee spirit…

The meetings in Tulsa were to finalize the soon to be announced Money Map Project #2.

This project is designed to build on our success by complementing the first project with a deal that combines the enhancement of existing oil wells with rapid-drilled natural gas wells.

This will be a very quick hit project, where investors will be receiving checks as early as the first month or two after the project begins. Once again, those investing will be receiving checks for the life of the wells.

So stay tuned, the particulars are going out very soon. This is getting really exciting (and profitable). Our first two projects will be generating some serious (“Texas rich” level) money.

There is only one lingering concern.

I am in the Philadelphia airport waiting for a connecting flight to Baltimore for the next series of meetings with the Money Mapstaff.
But there are flight delays because of developing thunder storms in the area.

It makes me wonder what I did to cause a Cherokee divinity to follow clear me across the country.

P.S. Oil is just a part of this story…I’ve found an entire market that is so oversold it borders on the ridiculous. The last time it was this beaten down, a handful of stocks jumped over 1000%. This opportunity has only happened twice in the last 100 years. You don’t want to miss this…

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  1. Joe Gorman
    May 15th, 2014 at 20:50 | #1

    Kent, congratulations with these major scores for Project #1. Please also pass this onto to Jack and his team.

    I really appreciate your 10 point due deligence and the appication of your overall energy expertise. Hitting these sweet spots and structuring the investment opportunity in such scalable fashion is a real God send.

    I anxiously await introduction of project #2.

    Thanks again.

  2. Robert Wilson
    May 15th, 2014 at 23:55 | #2

    Of course, those of us who are not accredited investors stand by with mixed feelings.
    In my case, I wonder when I can join in owning a piece of history with Money Map #2. I have funds to invest but don’t fit the profile of an accredited investor. Please focus a bit of your writing time to keep us in the loop.

  3. Tracy Smith
    May 16th, 2014 at 13:42 | #3


    Can you explain what SEC rule changed last September that eased the entry point for this type of investment? I’ve been in oil and gas plays before that time period and was just wondering what advantages may exist for the investor today that didn’t prior to the rule change?



  4. May 20th, 2014 at 17:48 | #4

    Dr moor as a quarter Cherokee I will tell the indians to lay off
    you when you are in their land. I live in Melbourne AR and about three miles from the Trail of tears and the reason everbody around has a little Cherokee in them. This all happoned when the tribe was driven
    through, the old indines would incourge the little ones to run off and go to a farmer’s home. The farmers were only to glad to take them in and rease them as their own. The Solders to protect them selves would just say they died in the night. So we are all proud to have the Indian blood. Bob Gifford.

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