The Truth Behind This Week's Energy Headlines

The Truth Behind This Week’s Energy Headlines

by | published April 10th, 2015

It’s been a momentous week in the oil industry…

Oil prices plunged 6%. U.S. crude stockpiles rose to record levels. The contest for market share within OPEC intensified, prompting rumors of a new oil cartel. And Europe’s largest oil company settled the industry’s biggest deal in at least a decade.

That’s why CCTV-America brought in Dr. Kent Moors.

In the following video, Kent explains why oil price levels will rise over the long term, why oil producers aren’t cutting back despite an oversupply, why the Saudis are putting pressure on OPEC, and why rumors of a new cartel are unfounded.

Plus, he shares his insights on the $70 billion Royal Dutch Shell/BG Group deal and why this won’t be the only M&A deal in the near future.


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    Tomorrow 5-20-15 I’m going to move into USO with your recommendations. How will I know when to get out? Will you kekep me informed about that?

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