What Iran's $4.8 Billion Gas Deal Really Means for Sanctions and the Energy Market

What Iran’s $4.8 Billion Gas Deal Really Means for Sanctions and the Energy Market

by | published July 5th, 2017

Iran just signed a $4.8 billion natural gas deal with French major Total S.A. (TOT) and China’s CNPC – the first major deal with foreign companies since sanctions were first imposed on Iran. To find out what it all means – for the sanctions on Iran, and for energy markets – i24 News invited Dr. Kent Moors to explain.

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  1. Vincent
    July 23rd, 2017 at 17:38 | #1

    This is big and the west needs to jump at the change not just for investments but surveillance and security information coming out of that area

  2. Vincent
    July 23rd, 2017 at 17:46 | #2

    The technology and telecom, satellite and technical aspects of all fields of computers technologies dealings with gas and oil in Iran would feed there growing economies in technology this too would bring about vast change in investments and security sectors etc

  3. Andre Rolle
    July 29th, 2017 at 17:20 | #3

    Wouldn’t mind buying that stock at a good price.

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