Your "Inside Scoop" On What Could Be the Most Exciting Windsor Meeting in Years

Your “Inside Scoop” On What Could Be the Most Exciting Windsor Meeting in Years

by | published February 23rd, 2018

Early next week, Marina and I will be flying “across the pond” for another stay at Windsor Castle outside London.

We’ll be there for the annual Windsor Energy Consultations. It’s a three-day event that promises to include some intense discussions with some of the most gifted energy minds in the world.

Established by royal charter, this world-renowned group holds sessions throughout the year and all around the globe. But this particular event takes its name from the seminal session that is held each year on the first weekend of March while the royal family is in residence at the Castle.

And once again, we’ll be taking you inside.

As is custom, these discussions will take place under Chatham House rules. Those rules dictate that the conclusions and themes can be made public, as long as the opinions aren’t attributed to named individuals.

These rules allow for frank exchanges, which rarely happens at other high-powered gatherings.

These are the folks who will decide what the energy market looks like over the next 12 months (and sometimes beyond).

And what I learn here will give us a rare (and profitable) peek into where the energy market goes from here…

However, something is going to be very different about this trip.

For the first time ever, the focus of the assembly will be the impact of a “post-oil” world…

Oil’s Place in the Global Energy Balance

As I’ve mentioned here in Oil & Energy Investor before, oil will continue to be a staple of the global “energy balance” for decades.

This is especially the case in Asia, where the combination of crude oil, coal, and (to a lesser extent) natural gas – largely in the form of imported liquefied natural gas (LNG), will determine the energy sourcing balance.

Not to mention that the worldwide center of aggregate energy demand is also moving to Asia, which also has a significant impact.

Yet, when we meet next week at Windsor, the consensus will be that the traditional dominance of oil in the mix is ending.

From a planning perspective, we are entering a “post-oil environment.”

And it’s that topic, and the chosen representatives who will be assembled (indeed, some of the most important individuals charged with public and private sector planning), that will make this one of the most exciting Windsor Energy Consultations in years.

It also means that there is one energy sector I know will be taking center stage at this year’s conference…

The fact that Persian Gulf representatives to the Consultation are now among the strongest proponents for renewables indicates this is hardly a passing fancy.

But we’ve also discussed the problem that has beset these two renewables for decades…

Battery and storage technology.

As long as the source of the power is intermittent (both solar and wind are), and the resulting electricity must be consumed immediately, or it is lost, renewables will carry a firm ceiling on how much of the balance they represent.

However, there are some major breakthroughs on the horizon that foreshadows a fundamental change to those calculations.

In fact, this year at Windsor, one of the central themes will put them to the test…

The Need for Better Power Storage

The crux to all of this is the status of battery and storage technology.

That portion of the agenda will put leading candidates under analysis.

Because the truth is, a “post-oil” world conversation isn’t about any one “silver bullet” that will replace all energy sources.

It’s about a single technology that will make energy sources – wind, solar, oil, gas, etc. – interchangeable…

And fortunately, part of the agenda this year will put leading battery and storage candidates through the ringer.

And as a reader of Oil & Energy Investor, you have already been alerted to who several of them are.

In fact, I shared one that is getting a lot of pre-Windsor chatter with you back in October.

To get a heads up on what is going to happen next week, you might want to take a look at what I wrote then.

The bottom line is, things are about to get very interesting…

Of course, I’ll be bringing you along every step of the way, right here in Oil & Energy Investor.



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  1. Kim
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    We haven’t to worry about energy’s reserve (artic oil &gas natural in abundance ) but on what the government will decide to exploit more, or the company. Car diesel banned between any year, may decide what energy to use? No! Energy low cost and respectful of the environment and human’s health will be optional or a our right? The planet could be in difficulty, the humanity is in, sharing any old resources and to change with new, government and companies allowing.

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    March 6th, 2018 at 06:18 | #2

    Hello my name is Arne and I coming from greenland as you know we got a lot of ice of you can find or discover a new ice charge or water charge how much can you working with that

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    Nice concept and thinking

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