Get Ready for the $100 Oil Push

Get Ready for the $100 Oil Push

by | published May 19th, 2018

When oil prices started cratering in 2014, the future of the energy market looked grim.

Production plummeted and oil companies reported massive losses.

And yet, here we are.

Brent prices shot past $80 a barrel this week – the first time since November 2014, while West Texas Intermediate (WTI) hit a peak of $72 a barrel.

Now, some experts will have you thinking that this price environment isn’t sustainable and are quick to tout a “doom and gloom” future for oil.

However, I know differently.

While it’s true that oil volatility is coming our way, the overall price trend is going to be moving steadily higher as we go.

Better yet, I can tell you, with almost utmost certainty, that oil prices won’t stay steady at $80 for long.

Oh no, I’m predicting a massive jump in price to $100 a barrel or more over the coming months.

And it’s not just because of the Iranian fiasco that makes me so confident.

Saudi Arabia is also going to do its part by using its enormous power grip on the oil markets to propel prices into the stratosphere.

The Saudi Aramco IPO – expected to be the largest financial event in history – is right around the corner.

Once the IPO is listed, Aramco share prices will be directly affected by the price of oil.

Therefore, to get the best for their dollar, this huge oil company is going to push oil prices as high as they can.

Think about it this way…

The last time Saudi Arabia wanted to influence the price of oil to their benefit, it plummeted down to the $30 range – slashing the kingdom’s main source of revenue – about 77%-88% of its total income – in the process.

Now they they’ve changed their tune.

To make sure they collect the biggest windfall for themselves, they’ve got to get oil back to $100 a barrel – possibly higher.

Now, normally, with an IPO of this magnitude, only the most well-connected get to pocket the biggest, life-changing profits.

I’m talking about company executives and their fat-cat friends, investment bankers, hedge fund types…

These are the guys who clean up on IPOs by hoarding the ground-floor lowest-priced shares…

While regular retail investors get left holding the scraps.

But I’ve recently uncovered some very big opportunities, ways for you to leapfrog over the bigwig insiders, for you to find out how to pocket your fair share of oil’s coming price surge – and could make a fast fortune thanks to this IPO – before it ever takes place.

In fact, with the four backdoor profit opportunities I’ve uncovered, you could cash out on this historic event with a combined 1,329% payday.

All you have to do is click here to see the details.



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Most Media pundits, market analysts, money managers, and investment advisors would have you think there’s no money to be made in energy.

But they couldn’t be more wrong.

See, what they won’t tell you is that…Gasoline demand is growing at record rates in both the U.S. and in China.

Massive opportunities are opening up as the U.S. becomes one of the largest exporters of oil.

And even coal holds huge profit potential as Asia’s demand for steel continues to grow.

And that is just a small snapshot of the incredible opportunity lurking in the energy sector right now.

With everything happening in this fortune-building sector, I wanted to reach out to you today.

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