Despite the Political Hammer, This Solar Stock Can Still Mint New Millionaires

Despite the Political Hammer, This Solar Stock Can Still Mint New Millionaires

by | published June 22nd, 2018

Editor’s Note: The situation developing in the solar company I’m about to tell you about is unprecedented. In fact, I believe it could single-handedly deliver one of the biggest wins my premium subscribers have ever seen. And if you give me the chance to prove it to you, I think you’ll agree. Just click here, or continue reading, to take a closer look.

There has always been a sense of inevitability surrounding solar power.

Most analysts see it as the energy source of choice moving forward, although there remain different views on how easy that ascension will be.

Veteran Oil & Energy Investor readers know that I believe solar will be the fastest-rising star in energy over the next decade, and will probably account for 15% to 18% of total global power generation in the near-term.

Now, I’m not saying there aren’t a few impediments to solar becoming the dominant energy source.

For one, intermittent energy like solar that relies on the sun to be shining requires backup from more traditional sources.

Until there are genuine ways of storing electricity, allowing generation when sunshine is available and subsequent usage when it is not, any electricity market will be determined by a differential between on-peak and off-peak prices.

It’s also important to note that while renewable energy like solar is amassing a large stake in the energy landscape of the future, crude oil, natural gas, and coal still have roles to play – and will still provide us with some nice profit moves going forward.

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However, the fact remains that solar represents the single-largest component of the energy landscape going forward.

Which may make the recent volatility in the sector seem confusing. You see, it had nothing to do with the “promise” of the sector.

Instead, politics threw everything for a loop.

The Political Hammer

Recently, two factors have collided to drive down the valuation of major solar companies.

Months after President Trump hit China with tariffs on solar products, along with steel and aluminum, he is now threatening to add another $200 billion to the total.

Forget the reality that the economic pain will hit downstream.

For every job the tariffs may generate among U.S. panel producers, more than three American jobs are estimated to be lost in the application and installation of those panels in the U.S. market alone.

That’s because forcing the market to rely on domestic production jacks up costs.

Considering only the initial tariffs, the most recent estimate by the U.S. Solar Council points toward the move resulting in a net loss of at least 23,000 jobs almost immediately with more added as the tariffs roll out.

As Chinese companies began dealing with the fallout, Beijing landed a second political hammer.

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China Slashes Its Ambitious Solar Dreams

The Chinese government decided to roll back or eliminate both domestic subsidies to solar and requirements for the purchase of solar power.

The rationale was to cut the subsidies’ spiraling cost to the budget while also addressing ballooning regional corruption associated with the approval of solar projects.

The combination of Trump and Beijing caused a collapse in stock value almost across the board for solar companies.

But then something interesting happened.

As of 11 AM this morning, the leading solar play that I recently shared with my Energy Advantage subscribers surged almost 13% in less than two days.

Now, a combination of factors has led to the reversal.

First, it has significant global markets other than at home in China or exporting to the U.S.

In each of these other markets, the company is cheaper than competitors. Investors had read the headlines and overreacted.

Second, the Chinese government is quietly backpedaling on its decision, providing some support for its solar sector in areas other than direct project subsidies.

Third, it made some interesting moves on its own.

It has just signed one of the largest solar contracts on record with South Australia.

It has also exhibited some market sophistication in dealing with the White House.

The company announced this week that it would begin producing solar panels in Florida by the fourth quarter of this year.

Additionally, and attesting to its global footprint, the components to be imported are coming from the company’s Malaysian plants.

Those facilities are not subject to the U.S. tariffs.

And for those reasons, this solar play is now bucking the sector’s volatility and is back at the top of the solar sector leaderboard.

Fact is, I have spent years tracking dozens of promising renewable energy companies.

However, the company I’m recommending today has taken solar to a whole new level.

This technology turns grains of sand, right off the beach, into highly efficient, wafer-thin solar cells that deliver dirt-cheap energy.

Let’s take a look…

A Work of Scientific Genius

Sand contains tiny particles of a bluish metalloid called “Si.”

Research physicists have determined that Si contains 14 electrons, arranged in four different shells. This is a very unique molecular structure. In fact, Si is completely different than any other element in the entire universe, and IDEAL for converting sunlight into solar energy.

You see, Si is able to share its four outer-shell electrons with other atoms.

The sharing phenomenon creates a chain-reaction that can convert sunlight into usable energy. That’s what makes this company’s patented technology such a remarkable breakthrough.

The technology is scientific genius and creates highly purified Si, ready to convert sunlight into ready-to-use power.

Here’s how it works…

During the process, very small particles of Si – called “seeds” – are suspended in a cloud of gas. Si in the gas attaches to other Si particles, forming larger and larger beads. These beads eventually drop out of the gas like raindrops….The beads are then melted and formed into wafer-thin slices of 99.99% pure Si.

But the big thing is the cost

Again, traditional solar cells delivered energy at a cost of $76 per KWH.

This company’s technology is so efficient, and creates such pure Si, they are supplying a utility company with solar at 5 cents per KWH.

Let me repeat that:

This company is supplying solar at 5 cents per KWH!

No wonder every major player in the world is lining up to do business with this company.

The bottom line here is: after decades spent in this industry, sitting at the table with some of the brightest minds in renewable energy, I know the truth about solar power… and its potential to make you incredible profits.

I know it’s going to be the greatest engine of investing profits the energy sector has ever seen.

Not only are the winnings going to be huge, they’re going to be absolutely unprecedented.

And if you click here, I’m going to tell you about my “MUST” solar play for anyone serious about learning how to make major money fast.



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