Don't Believe the "Oil Shock" Rumors - Here's What's Really Happening with Prices

Don’t Believe the “Oil Shock” Rumors – Here’s What’s Really Happening with Prices

by | published June 9th, 2018

It’s been a rollercoaster ride in the oil sector.

We’ve been staring volatility in the face as oil rocketed upward before slumping several dollars, leaving experts scratching their heads.

And yet I’m here to tell you that despite oil’s unpredictability, the long-term oil price trend is not nearly as dismal as Wall Street might have you believe.

Crude has been moving in a nearly unstoppable upward trend for months. And during that time, I’ve also told you that the market was due for a breather.

And that’s exactly what we are seeing right now, a quick breather and nothing else.

The combination of renewed U.S. sanctions on Iran, a dramatic plunge in exports from crisis-ridden Venezuela, a rising geopolitical risk premium, strong demand and other factors, makes me believe, with almost utmost certainty, that we haven’t seen the last of the oil rally we’ve been enjoying this year.

In fact, I still remain steadfast that oil prices are on the fast track to $100.

Meaning, despite the record surge we’ve seen this year, we’ve still only seen the tip of the iceberg for oil’s big comeback.

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