Edison Said He Would Bet on Solar - And You Should Too

Edison Said He Would Bet on Solar – And You Should Too

by | published June 30th, 2018

I’ve been in the energy business a long time. And over the years I’ve amassed a collection of energy mantras or famous quotes.

And one of my favorites is a quote often attributed to Thomas Edison. It reads as follows:

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”

Now, some are skeptical of the validity of that quote, considering Edison died in 1931, and these words can seem just a smidge too modern. But regardless of that, the implications are quite clear.

Solar energy has been in the minds of geniuses for some time now.

In fact, it’s been around much longer than you might think.

Back in October 1923, the Science and Invention magazine wrote an article called “Electricity From the Sun.”

The article detailed an invention involving a giant lens that would be able to harness the sun to convert into electricity for an entire town, and it would be especially useful in rural desert areas.

Even more astonishing for the time, it also detailed how to harness electricity following the sunset: “The invention has the added advantage of working a few hours after the sun has set…where more power is needed, of course, a battery of machines will be used and more boilers added.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

It doesn’t stop there.

There was a solar-powered fridge invented in 1937, and in the late 1950s, a comic strip called Closer Than We Think illustrated a futuristic “follow the sun” house that rotates with the movement of the sun to provide electricity.

Think about that. The first real, practical solar panel wasn’t introduced until 1954, and they were already living in the future.

These are just a few examples of early solar energy ideas.

Of course, we’re light-years ahead of the game from 1923. With modern technology, we’ve accomplished what may have seemed like a pipe dream to many by actually harnessing the power of the sun for our own comfortable use.

More and more companies are getting on the trend to go green. We’ve seen Apple Inc. (AAPL) announce that they’re already functioning at 100% solar power in all of its facilities worldwide, and others like Target Corp. (TGT) who are nearly at 100% solar capability.

We’ve seen California, the fifth-largest economy in the world, pass a vote to put a new solar standard that would require solar power installations on all new homes built after 2020 into effect.

And new developments are on the news every day; this week alone announced several new solar projects.

LG Electronics has joined the list by expanding its U.S. presence with a new $28 million solar module assembly plant in Alabama. When completed, this facility will generate 500 megawatts (MW) per year.

Over in Wyoming, officials just approved the state’s first large solar energy farm – an especially interesting project, as Wyoming is proud of its fossil fuel reliance.

The solar project, called Sweetwater Solar, will be constructed over around 700 acres of federal land and will provide electricity to approximately 17,000 homes.

But the U.S. isn’t the only country expanding its solar presence.

London has announced that it intends to be 100% powered by renewable energy by October 2018. By installing solar panels on all government-owned buildings and investing in off-site renewable energy projects the city will be “doing our bit to help meet international and national energy targets.”

Of course, solar wouldn’t be such a prevalent investment for so many companies and cities if it wasn’t profitable.

So it’s lucky that it is.

Investors can make a fortune off of solar companies taking advantage of the evolving energy markets.

And you can find out how to be one of them.

This wave of solar activity isn’t going to slow down. In fact, it’s getting faster than ever as time goes on. As far as renewables go, it’s one of the cheapest power sources available – recent advancements in science and technology have cut the costs of solar power by an incredible 99%.

It has the potential to make you incredible profits – enough to live the sort of life you’ve been dreaming about. You could take that vacation you’ve been putting off, or go grab that new couch you’ve been eyeing, or set up that college fund for your grandkids.

I have the one play you need to tap into this enormous revenue stream so that you can have a shot at expanding your wallet beyond anything you may have experienced.

You won’t be alone either. Savvy investors like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are already loading up. They know the profit potential will be absolutely unprecedented in the energy world – possibly to the tune of many triple-digit gains.

So if you’d like to learn how to join the solar frenzy, just click here to read about my “must” solar play that could make you major money fast.



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