You'll be Making a Killing from This Trade War While Everyone Focuses on the Headlines

You’ll be Making a Killing from This Trade War While Everyone Focuses on the Headlines

by | published July 28th, 2018

To be perfectly honest, the political saber-rattling these days has gotten a bit old.

It seems every day we’re hearing news of another country threatening the U.S. with sanctions or tariffs or just vague retaliation for comments from the White House.

And in response, the Twitter audience receives constant entertainment in the form of retaliatory rejoinders from our Commander-in-Chief.

But despite the relationship drama between the world’s most powerful nations, it’s still important to know what’s going on.

If only to be properly prepared.

That’s why the escalating threats between the U.S. and China are now more important than ever.

After multiple tariff threats from the U.S., China indicated it would place American oil exports its list for probable levees – a move that follows a White House threat to include all approximately $500 billion worth of Chinese exports on the U.S. penalty list.

Now, when it comes to oil, China is one of the biggest U.S. customers.

It imported $3.2 billion worth of oil last year. Since 2016, Chinese imports of U.S. oil products have soared a staggering 1,994% as of April 2018.

This indicated China would continue to be one of the biggest importers of American crude.

But a lot can happen in three months.

With U.S. production increasing year after year, exporting to other countries is becoming much more important to the “energy balance,” something I’ve been discussing for years here in Oil & Energy Investor.

Threats of tariffs on these products could heavily change the oil price environment and the “energy balance.”

As worrying as these tensions seem, though, analysts say that the U.S. is coming out ahead in the game, as far as stocks are concerned…

The S&P is up 6.1% this year so far. Meanwhile, China’s Shanghai Composite Index has crashed nearly 13%.

You’d think this would put us ahead in the ongoing trade war.

But if you thought that the conflict between these two economic powerhouses stopped at tariff jabs, you’d be mistaken.

Beijing has been involved in some worrying moves down in the South China Sea.

This region has long been a point of territorial contention between China, backed by neighboring Laos and Cambodia, and the U.S.

Not only is the South China Sea a major waterway for transport, but it’s also a region with oil development in its own right…

Which makes it quite valuable for anyone who can claim the rights to it.

And China has recently stepped up its game in this conflict.

They have deployed powerful missiles to strategic military positions in this area, all within striking range of places like South Korea, Guam, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines…

And every U.S. base in the region.

But we’re not about to take that threat lying down. We have a few tricks up our sleeves.

$1.743 trillion worth of them, to be exact.

And you’re about to see them in all their red, white, and blue glory.

The U.S. has been pouring money into the defense sector, and the Pentagon knows exactly what to do with it.

They have been investing heavily in companies that are developing the most highly sophisticated weaponry ever created.

I’m talking technology that can allow a bullet to slice through six half-inch steel plates like they’re butter and other similarly destructive weaponry.

And I believe that one of these companies, thanks to governmental investments, is going to grow 111-fold in revenue size.

Which is where its investors come in.

There is profit potential here that is nearly unmatched anywhere else, and it’s not just for the millionaires in the world.

It’s for people like you, and if you get in early, you could be poised to make an absolute fortune.

I have the inside scoop of how you could profit from these defense contractors, and all you have to do is click here to learn how to access all of my confidential information.

But you have to hurry – this opportunity won’t be here forever.



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