Others Missed Out On This Profit Opportunity - But You Won't

Others Missed Out On This Profit Opportunity – But You Won’t

by | published October 13th, 2018

Relying on outdated intel can be disastrous on many levels.

This is something I can tell you firsthand, as a former intelligence officer for the U.S. government.

I have been to countless countries during my four-decade career, including all 15 former Soviet republics, several islands in the Caribbean, most of Europe, and much of the Middle East.

Some of these places I’ve been to for pleasure, most for business.

I’ve been a consultant for many government agencies, energy businesses, 29 governments around the world, and several dozen public and private companies.

And let me tell you, if any of the information I had at my disposal was outdated, I would have been in a boatload of trouble – either with my reputation or my life.

I’ve rarely, if ever, found myself in a situation in which my information couldn’t be trusted, and I consider myself lucky in that regard.

But the U.S. government – particularly the sector involved in surveying land – can hardly say the same.

Because there’s one spot in the U.S. that could have been making the government – and everyday Americans – millions in profit if they hadn’t been relying on information outdated by several decades.

I’m talking about the biggest oil discovery in U.S. history…

Their Maps were as Old and Dusty as the Desert

The desert wasn’t exactly an area of land that really lent itself to be regarded as profitable.

Especially a section as bone dry” as this one.

And that was a common belief among many experts.

Their dusty, old 1995 maps told them that while the area around this section of land was saturated with oil, this particular area had nothing of interest under its dusty sand.

Those same maps had made these experts millionaires…

So why shouldn’t they trust them?

Well, those maps and their intelligence turned out to be old and untrustworthy.

And it was to their detriment.

Because this region ended up holding a motherlode…

Last time this happened, it created unfathomable wealth

Bone Dry Desert Leads to an Ocean of Oil

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) hadn’t done a full, nationwide examination of America’s oil basins in years – at the time, not since 1995.

Shortly after one man decided to purchase this “worthless” plot of land everyone else scoffed at thanks to their “trustworthy” sources, the USGS conducted a full survey.

They wanted to determine how much potential oil was still undiscovered and recoverable.

Well, they found some.

More than some, in fact.

They found 20 billion barrels of recoverable oil…

16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas…

A total of $1.4 trillion worth of energy.

And this one man’s previously “worthless” section of land is in the same region.

Once those other oil experts picked up their jaws from the floor, they knew they’d missed out on a huge payload.

A payload that everyday Americans like you can get in on too.

This oil discovery has the potential to mint 100 new millionaires, every single month, for the next 11 years.

If you’d like to be one of them, just click here to see how to get access to all my research on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.



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