This Profit Opportunity Isn't Rocket Science Even Though It Is

This Profit Opportunity Isn’t Rocket Science Even Though It Is

by | published October 6th, 2018

These days, new technology is arising in nearly every sector faster than we can keep up.

From new Apple iPhones every year to refrigerators with internet capabilities to virtual reality (VR) headsets, life is looking more and more like The Jetsons every day.

But the sector with the most change over the past few years is defense.

This isn’t exactly surprising, as defense and weapons technology has historically been a quickly-changing sector.

For example, between World War I and World War II – a span of 21 years – there were massive changes in weaponry; World War I had copious use of mustard gas and war trenches, World War II involved machine guns, radar, and nuclear bombs.

And now?

We have sniper rifles, shoulder-fired missiles, assault weapons, IEDs, night vision goggles, and all manner of other superior weaponry.

When it comes to weapons of mass destruction, however, we’re even further beyond Hiroshima and Nagasaki…

Beijing and Moscow vs. Washington

It’s an unfortunate reality that defense is one of the fastest developing sectors around.

Warfare has only increased since World War II, albeit in a much more subtle way.

This is something that American troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, and other various Middle Eastern countries, not to mention South Korea, can certainly testify to.

These days, we’re looking past the Middle East and into Russia and China, who are now the U.S.’s greatest threats.

Just last month, Russia began military exercises the like of which we haven’t seen since the frigid days of the Cold War – and China has joined forces with them.

They picked an inauspicious date to begin as well, a date that Americans will never forget – September 11.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin have been “close friends,” more so than ever before, these days.

Even more concerning is the secretive weapons development in these two countries.

We’re looking at another arms race, except this time it’s a three-way match: America, Russia, and China…

A New Cold War

In March, Moscow unveiled a new type of missile in development in Russia.

In August, Beijing announced the successful testing of the same type of missile.

And now, America is hot on their trails.

This weapon is such that it could make nuclear weapons completely obsolete.

It has virtually no defense.

But the U.S. has vowed to beat Russia and China at their own game.

Deputy U.S. Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan commented on the Pentagon’s weapons program that “we are going to fly sooner and more often than people have ever expected.

This missile is a class of weapons called hypersonic weapons. They are capable of traveling at Match 20 – 20 times faster than the speed of sound – and can destroy a nuclear weapon before it even gets off the ground.

In short, whoever controls these weapons, controls the world.

And the U.S. is ahead of the game in developing them…

You Can Profit From This Weapon Technology

The Pentagon has been on the case of hypersonic weapons for some time now. It’s been virtually throwing money at all the defense contractors able to contribute to their development.

Including one tiny company that wasn’t even a blip on anyone else’s radar.

Well, it’s about to be.

Because this company manufactures the single-most important component in these hypersonic weapons…

The engines that make it work.

Which means that as the Pentagon funds the development of hypersonic weapons, I expect this company will be getting the lion’s share.

And become a leading force in this niche defense project.

That means that there’s profit to be had here.

My colleague Michael Robinson has essential details about hypersonic weapons – how they work, the U.S.’s upper hand, and the profit opportunity waiting to be uncovered – and his impressive connections in the U.S. military are nothing to sneeze at, either.

He can tell you everything you need to know about what he calls Operation Hyper-X, including how you can profit.

To learn more, just click here.



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