50-Year-Old Cold War Treasure: How It Could Make You Rich

50-Year-Old Cold War Treasure: How It Could Make You Rich

by | published January 26th, 2019

June 14, 2007 may not have been a very memorable date for most of you.

But for the people of Tulsa, Oklahoma, that day was an important one indeed.

It was the day they opened a 50-year-old time capsule, buried underground in 1957.

This was no ordinary child’s time capsule, with small trinkets, toys, or drawings.

Buried in a specially-built Cold War bunker…

Was a brand-new Plymouth Belvedere car with only four miles on it.

They nicknamed it “Miss Belvedere.”

This car would be gifted to a lucky winner in 2007 when it was brought aboveground for the first time in 50 years. The winner would be the person who correctly guessed – or was the closest – the population of Tulsa in 2007.

Well, that car was brand new when it was buried.

When it was unearthed, however, it was nothing more than a car-shaped hunk of rust.

See, the original burial site had accounted for a nuclear holocaust…

But not water.

However, while a full restoration of the car wasn’t possible due to its deterioration, no restoration would be necessary for the rest of the items buried with it.

In a sealed drum protected perfectly from the 4 meters of water that submerged the unfortunate car, were several other time-specific items, such as:

An American flag with 48 stars, copies of 1957 newspapers, letters and postcards from Tulsa citizens, and several other mementoes of the time.

However, what interests me most, and perked my interest in this story, were three other items and the reason for their inclusion…

A Failed Prediction With a Rusted Car

Included in this time capsule were the following:

A sound-motion-picture print of “24 Hours of Progress,” from the Oil Information Committee of the American Petroleum Institute…

A case of motor oil…

And a five-gallon can of gasoline.

These were included in the capsule for one reason:

Just in case gasoline was not the primary fuel used for transport in 2007.

Well, they certainly got that wrong.

And that was the prevailing thought throughout that time, that gasoline would be virtually obsolete by the time we hit the 2000s.

Either that or we would run out of oil in the ground to produce it.

This Rapidly Growing Fuel Could Be Your Next Ticket to Fortune

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In 1974 (note this prediction occurred in the midst of the 1970s oil crisis), predictions abounded that we would be out of natural gas by 2010.

William R. Gould, chairman of the Atomic Industrial Forum Inc. is quoted as saying “we are expected to reach the last 10% of the earth’s supply of natural gas.”

These days, we know better.

We still have decades left of oil, natural gas, and fossil fuels for consumption.

Especially since their use has been dwindling slightly with the rise of renewable energies like solar energy, wind power, and nuclear power.

So, while we may still have the resources left to utilize, we may well have rendered it obsolete within the next many years.

As predicted.

But now is not that time.

Still as Strong as Ever

Oil and natural gas are still the primary resources in use for the transportation industry, and, as I’ve mentioned many times before, there is no “silver bullet” that is out to end the market.

In fact, natural is poised to dominate energy production in the U.S., as continued growth in natural gas and petroleum exports has us on track to become a net energy exporter next year.

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