Understanding the 2019 Energy Hydra

Understanding the 2019 Energy Hydra

by | published January 1st, 2019

From renewable energy to coal plants to the price per barrel of oil, no one can say that energy isn’t a multi-layered, multi-headed Hydra.

In order to keep up, one must pay attention to all its heads.

However, the difference between us and Hercules is that we’re not looking to cut off any of its heads.

Not that market pundits would have you believing that. Most talking heads on TV are convinced we’re about to have a “silver bullet” that’s going to defeat oil forever.

Well, I can tell you that that is certainly not the case.

Far from it, in fact.

Our Hydra’s heads are weaving together in a complicated dance that I’ve been monitoring closely all year in order to, as accurately as possible, predict which moves it will be making next in the New Year.

And I’m not looking to cut off a head and watch two more sprout in its place.

Though that tends to happen anyway.

I’ve been watching the trends this year, and my 2019 oil and energy forecast is nearly complete. In order to get a full picture, we must look at all the heads and factors…

1. The Price of Oil

The nature of the beast, as I’ve mentioned before, is volatility.

We’ve had some intense highs and lows this year, what with both oil benchmarks reaching four-year highs halfway through, before plummeting in a historic drop of the likes we haven’t seen in years.

However, what goes down must come up.

And I believe it will.

Not only that, but I know where the profits are going to be in an oil bull market, and I’ve been sharing that knowledge with a select few.

My official 2019 oil forecast is coming out in the very near future. If you’d like to get a look at it – along with get access to my exclusive portfolio – just head on over here to learn how.

2. Renewable Energy

Our next head involves the one of the biggest and certainly the fastest-growing industry in energy.

Green energy has become so popular that a poll conducted by researchers at Yale and George Mason universities found that 81 percent of registered voters support policies aiming to reduce carbon emissions within the decade.

Two out of three Republican voters support the “Green New Deal” when described as a plan to power the nation from renewable sources within 10 years – and offering job-training for folks currently working in more traditional energy sector jobs.

As green energy policies have grown increasingly popular, solar demand has skyrocketed.

Jon Wellinghoff, one of the world’s top energy experts and Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), says the use of this fuel is…”growing so fast it’s going to overtake everything… It could double every two years.”

And if you could only own one solar company in the next 10 years as these national initiatives shake out, this one would be the one.

Just click here to learn more.

3. Geopolitics

Now, as many Oil & Energy Investor readers are aware, I’m heavily involved not just in energy, but in the geopolitical realm as well.

That in itself is its own beast.

However, certain aspects of geopolitics have a strong influence on matters in energy.

As a Singaporean taxi driver said to me while I was there for an energy summit, “We have three seasons in Singapore. Hot, very hot, and very sticky hot.”

Which I thought was rather apt to matters other than the weather.

A major situation right now involves the intentions of the White House back home and whether there is any genuine consistency (and reliability) remaining in U.S. foreign policy.

And other matters are attesting to the simple fact that geopolitics has a way of coloring a conversation wherever you happen to be – Russia, China, the Middle East, and other major influencers in the global energy world.

Geopolitics is shaping up to be just as interesting in the coming year as it was this year. Certain situations are already heating up, like this one over in the South China Sea.

Learn more about it right here, and you’ll get the juicy details about how the U.S. is planning on getting China to reap what it sows.



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