Energy is a Heavy - But Profitable - Load

Energy is a Heavy – But Profitable – Load

by | published March 23rd, 2019

In 1963, the original London Bridge was sold for $2.4 million.

This was not a con of the sort that inspired the phrase, “if you believe that, then I have a bridge to sell you.” That was born of George C. Parker swindling newly arrived immigrants by “selling” the Brooklyn Bridge.

No, the London Bridge was actually sold to a man name Robert McCulloch, who wanted it for his new settlement in Lake Havasu City.

In Arizona.

In the United States.

But McCulloch was not a man to be deterred by something as simple as an ocean.

He simply had the bridge divided into 10,246 pieces and shipped from London to Arizona, and officially opened it to the American public on October 10, 1971.

The London Bridge is still a popular attraction in Lake Havasu City.

But believe it or not, this shipment was nowhere near the heaviest load to come across the oceans.

That honor goes to something a little closer to my area of interest…

A New Record Is Set

The Brent Delta oil platform in the North Sea went out of commission in 2017 after being in use for about 40 years. The platform sat on a three-legged structure in 460 feet of water.

The Brent field is one of the largest in the North Sea, and for the past 40 years has been responsible for about 10% of all North Sea oil production – it produced 500,000 barrels of oil out of 154 seabed wells every day at its peak.

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Decommissioning the platform proved to be a monumental task. How would they transport a platform that, measured from sea level to its peak, equaled the height of the Eiffel Tower?

The Pioneering Spirit, the world’s largest construction vessel, was called in to take it on.

This ship is designed to transport up to 53,000 tons, and the Brent platform certainly gave it a run for its money.

When the 26,455-ton platform was finally transported to Able UK’s Seaton Port Yard, Teesside, for disposal, a record had been broken.

It was the heaviest cargo shipment in history.

Now, at the risk of getting into the figurative, to me, this accomplishment has some metaphoric meaning.

Let me explain.

How You Could Profit From Energy’s Heavy Load

The oil and energy business is a heavy load, both literally and figuratively.

With the roller coaster that is oil prices, it’s hard to know exactly where – or if it’s possible – to profit.

But let me tell you, it is most definitely possible to profit. And big time.

Because when things move, they move fast and furiously.

However, a more cautious investor will tell you that investing in oil is something to be wary of, because although oil moving in a positive direction could get you some impressive profits, the opposite is also true.

But what if I were to tell you that it’s possible to profit no matter which way the market moves.

In other words, you don’t have to sit at the edge of your seat, waiting to see if prices are moving up and you’ve gained some profit. Nor do you have to feel disappointed and dejected when prices move down and you’ve lost money.

But don’t just take my word for it.

The numbers – and profits – speak for themselves.

My Energy Inner Circle readers saw a 1,100% profit from this strategy.

And that was just the beginning.

If you’d like to join them and see for yourself, just click here.



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