How You Could Profit From the Device That Can See Through Fort Knox

How You Could Profit From the Device That Can See Through Fort Knox

by | published March 30th, 2019

There are many places, buildings, or people in the world which have been labeled as “indestructible” or “undefeatable” or impenetrable.”

Indestructible was the Titanic. Or rather, “unsinkable.”

Well, as we all know, on April 14, 1912, an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean proved that assumption quite wrong. The tragedy ended with 1,503 people drowned.

Undefeatable? Well, that was the Nazi party in Germany beginning in 1933. Granted, they did make quite a bit of headway throughout Europe for a couple years, before its doomed entry into Soviet Russia.

But we all know the results of The Thousand Year Reich, which ended after a paltry 12 years.

Not quite what Adolf Hitler had in mind.

Impenetrable, on the other hand, that would be Fort Knox.

Inside this fortress, the U.S. Treasury stores about $300 billion worth of gold. It’s a 109,000-acre complex built in 1936, and nothing can penetrate it.

Nothing has ever threatened it, not bullets, not tanks, not even Russia’s RDS-1 atomic bombs.

The walls of Fort Knox are so dense they can wipe out cell phone reception, and perhaps more importantly, they can completely block the Chinese military’s SLC-7 anti-stealth radar.

In other words, as opposed to the Titanic or Nazi Germany, nothing can defeat Fort Knox’s defenses.

Except this…

This Technology Can Penetrate Anything

It’s called “Electro-Wave Inversion,” or EWI.

It’s about the size of a quarter in diameter and it’s just about an inch or so tall.

And it has the ability to see through Fort Knox as easily as if the walls had holes punched through them.

You may be wondering how such a tiny device can crack the defenses of the most protected building in the world.

Well, it uses electromagnetics to harness one of the world’s rarest energy sources.

It’s called infrasound.

And NASA has revealed that they use it to see right through the world’s thickest obstacles.

Making things like concrete, steel, and even the walls of Fort Knox appear like they were never there.

It sounds like something right out of a Superman comic, but it’s quite real.

And it can see a distance over four times the distance around the Earth and hear sounds that are completely undetectable, like an ant’s footsteps.

Obviously, we’re not about to start using EWIs to break into Fort Knox.

But we are using them for oil exploration.

How This Tiny Company Is Turning Heads – And Generating Profit

Chevron scientists have estimated that EWIs could be used to nearly triple the U.S.’s oil reserves, while cutting the exploration costs by an estimated 80% and boosting potential profits by almost 500%.

When EWI devices were pointed at the ground in known oil fields, geologists watched as the technology emitted a series of high-powered, infrasonic waves.

They shot down 8,942 feet – nearly two miles below the surface.

Much deeper than the oil exploration technology we currently use.

We’ve managed to find and drill out most of the shallower oil toward the surface of the Earth, but we know that there’s much, much more swimming underneath it.

Until now, the question had always been how to get to it. More than that, how do we even find it?

But with this new EWI technology, the U.S. could become 100% energy independent and generate trillions of dollars in value for our economy.

That’s an incentive that oil companies simply can’t resist.

But it’s not just major oil companies that are going to come out ahead.

If you play your cards right, there could be major profits in this for you as well.

In particular, this tiny company has already turned the global $1.4 trillion energy industry upside-down with its development of EWI technology.

Its market cap is about $200 million, a proverbial drop in the bucket compared to other oil companies.

However, it’s turning the heads of investors across the country.

Bill Gates, for example, has already invested $60 million of his own money into this technology.

This company could be rewarded with a $35 billion revenue surge with their new EWI devices.

And the ascension is already happening.

The company has already begun its move upward.

However, after tomorrow, this opportunity will be off the table, and I can’t guarantee that you’ll see this ever again.

In other words, this could be your last chance for a 55,756% revenue surge.

I want you to be able to take advantage while you can, so click here for all the details you’ll need.



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