The Situation Room: The Oil Production Saga Continues

The Situation Room: The Oil Production Saga Continues

by | published March 25th, 2019

Dear Oil & Energy Investor,

Happy Monday, everybody, and welcome to a new week here at Oil & Energy Investor. Next week, I’ll be meeting some of you in Delray Beach, Florida, at the upcoming Black Diamond Conference. In the meantime, there’s much to keep me busy.

For example, OPEC and Russia are continuing to make waves in oil production, and the latest round of tests on my oil price algorithm are favorable. For now though, here are the top two of my top four situations I’m watching this week.

1. OPEC Gets Unpredictable…

This week, I’ll be examining the impact of OPEC decision to hold the line on production cuts.

Now, the organization canceled its latest meeting at its headquarters in Vienna, marking a continued cutting posture for at least the next six months. This will move prices up.

2. … And So Does Russia

Additional information is surfacing indicating that Russian production is being stretched in their mature and primary Western Siberian oil fields.

Anecdotal evidence indicates an accelerated decline in recoverable volume may kick in as early as next year (meaning signals will surface later this year). Moscow has not moved to offset this, lacking both capital and technology, since the only new sources of consequence are in Eastern Siberia (with no infrastructure), above the Arctic Circle, and out on the continental shelf.

Speaking of Unpredictable…

If you’ve read or watched just about any news outlet over the last couple months, you’ve likely seen what is, quite frankly, a ridiculous amount of coverage on Brexit.

There is a large amount of uncertainty as to what the outcome of the UK’s efforts to leave the EU will be, but one thing is certain: you could profit greatly from it.

One of my newest colleagues, Tim Melvin, has a strategy for you to rake in huge gains – no matter how Brexit turns out.

You’re not going to want to miss this, especially since you only have until April 12 to learn about it.

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