From Riches to Rags - A Look at Venezuela's Situation

From Riches to Rags – A Look at Venezuela’s Situation

by | published April 20th, 2019

“War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength”

~ Big Brother, 1984

Those of you who remember 1984 from your required high school English reading will know that this alternate reality was Orwell’s bleak view of a totalitarian government.

This is a government that keeps itself in permanent war – War is Peace.

Keeps its people in total and perpetual ignorance – Ignorance is Strength.

And revokes all freedom of thought from its subjects – Freedom is Slavery.

Most of all, the government has a figurehead of sorts, Big Brother. The people are supposed to simultaneously fear and love him – a form of doublethink, yet another way of controlling one’s thoughts.

The thing that strikes me the most about this novel, however, is the offense of Thought Crime.

In other words, you could be arrested for something you only thought about.

You might be wondering what this has to do with my normal topics of discussion.

Well, today I’d like to discuss the problem of Venezuela…

An Eerie Parallel

It’s not difficult to see the parallels here.

If you read any article about the situation in Venezuela, there are often quotes from citizens who have been suffering.

And inevitably, you will see the phrase, or something similar, “this person asked not to be named for fear of government retribution.”

It’s not Thought Crime, but it’s just toeing the line. It’s certainly the removal of one’s freedom of speech.

Now, I mentioned Big Brother above. He is the political figurehead, the one who tells the people who their enemies are (even changing those enemies every few years).

President Nicolas Maduro has a reputation of spreading rhetoric about Venezuela’s enemies.

Most notably, the United States.

Let’s talk about China for a moment.

Venezuela may be a failing state, but another of the U.S.’s adversaries is far from it.

In fact, China is one of the most powerful countries in the world.

And they know it.

The Chinese are determined to gain total control over the South China Sea and its ample resources.

To do that, they’ve developed what they’ve called “The Assassin’s Mace.”

A missile that could decimate the U.S. Navy.

Which is why this company is preparing a counterattack that could shoot its stock through the roof.

Learn more about this volatile situation right here.

The most recent example I can give you revolves around the many, many blackouts the entire country has had to endure.

Maduro’s response to these blackouts was that it was a coordinated U.S. attack on the Venezuelan infrastructure.

Anyone looking in from the outside can tell that there is no evidence of this.

Rather the failing infrastructure, soaring hyperinflation, complete degradation of food and medicine, and an ineffective government combined led to the disasters coming out of Venezuela.

However, Maduro’s supporters believe that all problems in their country can be chalked up to the U.S.

Again, it’s almost too easy to see the parallels.

For Winston Smith, everything wrong with his country could be blamed on their enemies, Eastasia or Eurasia (whichever one was the enemy at any given point).

Nothing – bar nothing – was the fault of their own government.

This is propaganda at its finest.

It’s Official: The United States Just Stepped Up Its 5G Game by $20 Billion

1984 Was Not Meant to be an Instruction Manual

Speaking of propaganda, this is one of the most prominent weapons that Maduro and his supporters have.

It allows the people to believe a rhetoric that’s false, but doesn’t really matter.

All that matters is undying, loyal support.

If a solution is not found to help the people of Venezuela, I’d hate to see what other 1984-esque situations we will be seeing.

Let’s take a look at a billboard of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

Big Brother is watching you.



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