The Situation Room: Preparing for Black Diamond

The Situation Room: Preparing for Black Diamond

by | published April 1st, 2019

Good morning, and an additional happy April Fools’ Day to you. This week, I’ll be quite busy preparing my presentation for the Black Diamond conference. But I’ll still find time to continue work on other things, like analyzing oil prices, and monitoring the ever-present geopolitical situation.

So, without further ado, here are details of the first two of the top four matters I’ll be watching this week.

1. Black Diamond

First, and perhaps most importantly, I am finalizing the briefing I will present to Money Map members at the Black Diamond Conference in Delray Beach, Florida.

My presentation is Saturday morning on April 6. My allotted 90 minutes will include three main elements: (1) a breakdown of the rapidly developing global energy picture; (2) a discussion of my strategy in selecting recommendations, including the unveiling of my new trading algorithm; and (3) the first series of recommendations made by the new system.

2. More Algorithm Testing

This week I will again be crunching numbers and running permutations to identify trends in both energy stocks and options revealed by the algorithm. Selections will be emerging for all of my services.

A Profit Strategy like No Other

Having an algorithm to predict where the market is going is quite handy for finding profit opportunities.

But it’s not the only method I have for making the most out of a volatile market.

In fact, I can use the market’s volatility to my advantage.

The market has been quite the roller coaster for the past few months, and many people would rather not have to sit on the edge of their seats, waiting for it to move up enough to profit.

But what if they didn’t have to?

This method of investing is one that makes it possible for you to profit without having that anxiety along with you.

In other words, you can profit no matter which way the market moves.

Just click here to learn all about it.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments on the oil and energy market before I attend the Black Diamond conference, please leave them in the comment section on the website, and I will address them here in Oil & Energy Investor, as well as at the conference.

I look forward to meeting with you.






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