The Situation Room: Production, Pipelines, and Politics

The Situation Room: Production, Pipelines, and Politics

by | published April 22nd, 2019

Happy Monday, everybody, and welcome back to another Situation Room briefing. Major geopolitical moves prompted me to make urgent alerts to my paid services for certain profit opportunities that are about to arise.

In the meantime, U.S. oil production continues to rise, but is putting pressure on our pipeline infrastructure. Here’s what else I’ll be watching this week:

1. Permian Pipeline Pressures

First things first. This week I’ll be looking at possible takeover targets among smaller oil and gas producers in the Permian Basin.

Production in this third-most prolific oil field in the world is surging, but pipeline capacity problems and over supply are driving down effective wellhead prices (those earned by the operators in the initial arms-length transfer of production to distributors and always well below the market price).

As always, I will keep you updated on potential profits in this area.

2. Boeing’s Continued Woes

Next, I will be examining the impact of Boeing’s continuing 737 Max problems on defense and aerospace exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Many aerospace companies had been adversely affected by the Boeing tragedies, but the aerospace market overall is beginning to recover.

Geopolitics Rise in the South China Sea

The geopolitical situation these days is becoming more and more volatile by the day.

In particular, the South China Sea has been a hotbed of activity. And not very positive one.

The Chinese navy’s 70th anniversary celebrations will bring more sea vessels into the open than ever. In particular, 32 vessels and 39 war planes will take part in the celebrations.

This will be one of the biggest shows of Chinese military might we’ve ever seen, and it’s only serving to make the U.S. a bit nervous.

But the U.S. is far from a country that will back down from a fight.

And we’ve got our own military might that could bring the Chinese to heel.

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