What Nature Can Tell Us about Profiting From Any Industry

What Nature Can Tell Us about Profiting From Any Industry

by | published April 13th, 2019

The largest combined system of waterfalls on the planet is Iguazu Falls, located on the boundary between Brazil and Argentina.

As much as 450,000 cubic feet of water can pour over the Falls every second.

Compare that to the approximately 113,639 cubic feet that tumbles over Niagara Falls every second and you can get a picture of exactly how huge the Iguazu Falls are.

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Now, the water for these falls doesn’t come from nowhere.

For example, Niagara’s vast falls begins with streams and rivers flowing in to 5 out of the 6 Great Lakes, which then drains toward the Falls.

Iguazu Falls, on the other hand, gets its water in a more roundabout way.

A thousand kilometers away from the Falls is the Amazon Rainforest.

Rainforests famously create their own weather as vapor from the dense foliage creates clouds.

Twenty billion tons of water leave the Amazon Rainforest as clouds, which then shed their water.

It ends up in the Iguazu River, which then leads to the Iguazu Falls.

Now, if any one of these steps were to fail, we wouldn’t have one of the new Wonders of the World.

Just a dry riverbed.

Find the Source to Learn

My point is that if you look closely and carefully, particularly in nature, you can see where everything comes from.

If you’re at all curious to learn about something – particularly in nature – all you have to do is find the source.

You then need to follow that source to its culmination. And then you can understand that if one part is missing from a sequence of events, things do not line up properly.

I’m not normally philosophical, but I believe that this is crucial in most things in life.

It’s served me well in many tight spots throughout my career.

And recently while working on my profit algorithm I looked out the window and thought about what it meant.

One of the fastest rising industries in energy is liquefied natural gas (LNG), and global demand is rising exponentially, driven primarily by Asia, and in particular, China.

With the U.S. approaching the top spot in LNG production and exports, we’re the place that Asia is going to turn to in the coming years.

Which means good things for U.S. LNG producers and exporters.

In particular, my Energy Inner Circle Model Portfolio has in its hands one of those top producers, and they’re set to make a killing in the LNG market.

And its rise has already started.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity, so click here to learn more.

Let’s go back to what nature can teach us.

Imagine for a moment that all the spiders in the world were to disappear. Many people would rejoice.

That wouldn’t last long since our food supply would essentially disappear.

Spiders control the insect population around the world. Without them, pests would consume our crops. And the full extent of the world without arachnids can’t even be quantified.

Now, when it comes to watching the financial markets, you can apply the same philosophy…

How You Could Profit

Everything has a source. Particularly in finance.

If you want to find where the profit is in any particular market – and the oil and energy market is a particularly difficult one – you have to research.

Oftentimes this means looking into companies, watching the movers and shakers (people and entities alike) in a particular industry, even digging deep into history.

This is something I’ve had years of experience with.

I like to think that my days in counterintelligence during the Cold War left me well prepared for advising and pinpointing new profit opportunities.

I won’t say it’s easy, but for people like you, that’s why you have people like me.

In other words, I do the heavy lifting for my readers. I do the research, the source-searching, and everything you would need in order to find the best places to profit from a volatile energy market.

Not to mention the hundreds of contacts and connections I’ve cultivated over the years.

Many of whom are part of the process that makes the energy world tick.

I have much more information on this strategy right here, and you can get access to the exclusive opportunities I recommend to my readers, as well as more research and, occasionally, philosophy.

Don’t rely on me for that, though. I’m more of a hard facts kind of man.



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