Celebrating a Mathematical Success - And You Can Join the Fun

Celebrating a Mathematical Success – And You Can Join the Fun

by | published May 18th, 2019

Most of you probably remember the state the stock market was in around Christmas time last year.

Source: Yahoo Finance

To put it mildly, it tanked.

We ended up in the middle of the biggest selloff I’ve seen in my career – which is saying something, considering that I’ve been in the financial markets for over four decades.

It took some time for the market to recover and the dust to settle. In fact, we’re still in recovery territory.

During this mass panic, there were many investors who lost quite a bit of money. It’s not surprising, as this tends to happen whenever the market drops that much in such a short time, despite how infrequently it happens.

But there were a few savvy investors who managed to stay one step ahead of the collapsing market and come out relatively unscathed.

This is one of them.

Breaking Out My Passion for Math

Now, longtime readers will know that I have a passion for the analytical side of things. I have always loved posing and solving problems. It is the process used that I often find more intriguing than the answer obtained.

And when it comes to investing, I’ve often used that interest to find the most profitable opportunities in an otherwise lackluster market.

My Σ Algorithm, in fact, has given my premium readers over in Energy Inner Circle and Micro Energy Trader some very nice wins over the last month or so (If you’d like to learn how to join them, just click here).

However, I’m far from the only one who is utilizing mathematics and analysis to play the market to my advantage. After all, there are many ways to play the market, and mine is just one of them.

My friend and colleague D.R. Barton, Jr. has his own method, and I find it quite interesting.

He uses a very specific chart pattern to identify stocks that are most likely to soar.

He named this remarkably accurate chart pattern after Dr. Robert Hooke – the physicist who developed the mathematical formula behind it.

Dr. Hooke’s formula was the first to describe how fa an elastic substance will stretch before it snaps back – for example, a jumper on a trampoline.

When analyzing this phenomenon, you get a very simple mathematical equation: F divided by K = X.

F stands for force – in this case, gravity acting on the mass of our jumper.

K represents the elastic strength of the trampoline fabric.

So if you divide the force by the strength of the trampoline fabric, you get X – the position D.R. calls “the Zero Line.”

And D.R. has applied Hooke’s Law to his stock charts…

This Method is Simplicity in Itself

The blue line is a day-by-day measure of how far away the stock is from its 20-day moving average.

In other words, that’s the stock’s elastic resistance.

Next, D.R. determines the stock’s force – that’s how fast its share price moves in a single day.

Divide the force by the resistance and that gives you the Zero Line.

This is the furthest point the stock can move before it has to spring right back up.

When that blue line hits that Zero Line – it bounces up, creating a “Hooke” Pattern.

When that happens, it’s a sign that the stock has stopped falling… turned the corner… and is in a confirmed up-trend… so you only buy stocks that are already going up in value.

And all you have to do is look for it.

Step Right Up and Join the Crowd

D.R. is ready to show you the results of his trading method. In fact, if you click here, you can find the testimonials of some of his readers who have already greatly benefited from it.

He’s celebrating a total of 425 extra “paychecks” that his readers have had an opportunity to collect.

That’s why I’m telling you about him now.

Because I most certainly don’t want you to miss out on this many profit opportunities.

Some of the paydays that D.R. has managed to wrangle out of these volatile markets are very impressive. And as someone who is mathematically minded as well, the logic of it is too good to pass up.

So, if you’d like to join D.R.’s readers and for a shot to make some extra money for your retirement nest egg, that next family vacation, or your grandchildren’s college fund, just click here to get started.



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