From the Industrial Revolution to a Worldwide 5G Connection

From the Industrial Revolution to a Worldwide 5G Connection

by | published May 25th, 2019

Anyone who’s watched The Lion King knows the famous song, “The Circle of Life.”

You know the one, where viewers can have an existential crisis about the cycle of life and death and all that.

However, when I think of that song, something else comes to mind.

Because it’s not just life itself that has a “cycle.”

In fact, most everything within life has its own “mini cycle.”

Now, before you think I’m getting too philosophical, let me get more specific.

For example, when it comes to technology and its presence in society, there is a very clear cycle.

Or rather, several cycles with very clear upward momentum.

Let me explain…

The Life Cycle of Technology

You see, as we all know, new technology is being developed almost every minute. The sky and your imagination is the limit to what we can create to make our existence easier, more convenient, and more efficient.

And each technology we come up with paves the way for the next big thing.

Take the steam engine, for example.

We went from cumbersome, polluting steam engine trains to sleek bullet trains in only a couple hundred years.

Another, more modern, example, is the iPod.

This new way of storing music in many ways paved the way for smartphones to take over. And now everyone has the equivalent of a computer in their pocket.

And now, you are unlikely to see an iPod in anyone’s pockets anymore either.

So, an upward slope made of many, many technological advances.

The time has been ripe for a while now for the next big thing to arrive.

And arrive it has.

With a vengeance.

This Could Be the Next Technological Revolution

Most of you are probably familiar with 3G and 4G – two generations of broadband cellular network technology.

Well, the next generation has arrived, appropriately called 5G.

In fact, you may have seen it in your neighborhood without even realizing it was there.

This little box inconspicuously attached to a post around the corner from Grand Central Station in Manhattan provides us with everything we need to know.

It’s called an “M-box,” and it could be the technological revolution that could change the way we live dramatically.

5G will change ordinary life irreversibly. That’s a fact.

I’m talking about NEVER seeing a broken street light again…

Or a burst water main gushing out…

Or a busy street totally shut down for road repairs…

Or garbage piling up on the sidewalk.

But it will also change the world in ways you can hardly imagine.

Imagine a world-renowned surgeon in Los Angeles… performing emergency brain surgery on an accident victim… while the patient is still in the ambulance… on the Pennsylvania Turnpike… over 3,000 miles away.

Imagine the 1,000-mile U.S.-Mexican border being patrolled 24/7 by wireless robots armed with sensors, video cameras, and stun guns – all monitored remotely by Homeland Security agents ready to take the controls if trouble emerges.

And hundreds of other scenarios could all be made possible by these tiny little boxes.

Not to mention that these boxes open the door to an expected $12 trillion market.

And that’s the real potential behind 5G technology.

More than 10 million boxes have already been deployed across the globe by major telecommunication companies.

If you were to invest in any of the big companies – like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast – you’d make a decent return.

But there’s one company that’s completely under the radar, and it has the potential to make you exceedingly wealthy.

And it’s criminally undervalued right now with shares up for grabs for just $6 per share.

This could be the deal of the decade, and you’re not going to want to miss it.

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