Millionaires Have Been Profiting Off This Secret Market - And Now You Can Too

Millionaires Have Been Profiting Off This Secret Market – And Now You Can Too

by | published June 29th, 2019

What do the Scrub Daddy (an innovative dishwashing sponge with multiple functions), the Squatty Potty (a more “natural” way to use the bathroom), and the Bombas (socks with extra protection for the foot) have in common?

They’re three of the most successful products to come out of the TV show Shark Tank.

A bit gimmicky? Yes.

Profitable? Absolutely.

The Scrub Daddy has over $50 million in sales. The Squatty Potty made $1 million in only 24 hours. And the Bombas sold $400,000 worth of socks in the four days following its appearance on Shark Tank.

And what makes this show work as well as it does is not just the products that are pitched, but the “sharks” that poke and prod them to find their weaknesses.

Without these “sharks,” we wouldn’t have these products.

Now, after 10 years on Shark Tank, one of the long-term “sharks” is sharing his expertise with you – and he wants to show you how much money you could make.

And it’s all from a secret market that the rich have been benefiting from…

The History of a Secret Market

For hundreds of years, a secret market has existed. Where the wealthy and powerful gained privileged access to the most lucrative business deals the world has ever seen.

And in doing so, they changed the course of human history.

Around the dawn of the 20th century, J.P. Morgan invests in Thomas Edison. Edison’s light bulb would soon illuminate homes, businesses, and cities from coast to coast.

And Morgan’s windfall would help launch the iconic company, General Electric

A few years later, Cornelius Vanderbilt invests in two brothers – Orville and Wilbur Write – who ignited an era of flight that would eventually usher in the age of space travel.

Now, fast forward to 1968.

Using this secret market, Silicon Valley pioneer Arthur Rock invests $10,000 in a little-known startup. It was developing the processors that would transform personal computing.

That startup was Intel, and Rock’s investment made him a billionaire.

Less than a decade later, another man who became a millionaire from Intel backs a brash founder, whose own legacy will stand the test of time.

That angel investor: Mike Markkula.

That founder: Steve Jobs.

And for decades, the rich have been using this secret market, but the average American was locked out of these life-changing, billionaire-making deals.

But not anymore.

How You Can Join the Ranks

Together with angel investor Neil Patel, Robert Herjavec is lifting the veil on this secret market.

In his own words, “The walls have finally come down” on one of America’s most exclusive investing opportunities.

And you can get in on the deals that Robert makes on the show.

The kind of deal that can transform a small amount of money into millions. And for some, even more.

Robert just released a special presentation where he reveals some of his exclusive insights on two private deals you can act on today.

You’re not going to want to miss out on this, I promise you that.

Just click here to watch.



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