The Situation Room: The U.S. vs. Iran Brings More Trouble with China

The Situation Room: The U.S. vs. Iran Brings More Trouble with China

by | published June 3rd, 2019

Welcome back from the weekend, Oil & Energy Investor readers. I had a quiet weekend, but it’s back to business this week. Everything I’m involved with this week is international, and three out of four of them involves China.

That’s not altogether surprising, considering the headlines these days of the renewed trade war… and some other potential conflicts we’re heading toward.

So, here are the top two situations I’ll be dealing with this week:

1. The Iranian Sanctions and the Chinese

My first priority this week is digesting intelligence on how the Chinese are bypassing U.S. oil sanctions against Iran.

As longtime readers are aware, I’ve been keeping a very close eye on the situation between the U.S. and the Iranians, but now that the Chinese are more firmly in the mix (following the eleventh-hour sanction exemptions from President Trump last year), things are heating up once again.

Now that the full sanctions – without exemptions – are once again in place, the Chinese need to figure out a way to continue receiving Iranian oil. My contacts have been keeping me informed, and I will do the same for you.

2. Another Oil Price Roller Coaster Continues

Next, I will be analyzing how far oil prices are likely to drop in response to the worsening Chinese trade disagreement and new Trump tariff threats against Mexico.

We’ve seen a recent drop in oil prices – and it’s the first time since December that the drop has been this steep.


As of this writing, international benchmark Brent is at $62.04, and U.S. benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) is holding steady at $53.92.

Only time will tell how far prices will continue to drop, and I will continue to monitor the geopolitical situation and the charts’ responses.

How You Could Profit From the Cheapest Source of Energy

My main focus has recently been on geopolitics and their effect on the price of oil, but the energy market has been bustling in other ways over the last few months.

Over in renewable energy, a new study just announced that energy sources like solar and wind power have just reached the lowest cost they’ve ever been.

Now, renewables were already the fastest-growing industry in energy, but fossil fuels have always ruled the roost. Not so anymore.

This newest development agrees with what I’ve been predicting for years – that solar energy will be moving to a huge global scale sooner rather than later.

And the cost of renewables aren’t even as low as they could be in the future. Which means that as fantastic as this news is, it’s going to get even better.

The dropping price of things like solar energy could do wonders for solar panel manufacturers and other companies in the renewable business.

Wonders like raising their stock prices for some very nice potential profits.

If you’d like to learn more about the rising prominence of solar energy, just click here to get started.



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