The Situation Room: Hackles Are Raised in the South China Sea

The Situation Room: Hackles Are Raised in the South China Sea

by | published July 29th, 2019

Happy Monday, everyone. I spent the weekend sick in bed, but the energy and geopolitical worlds keep on turning, no matter the state of my health.

And turn they did. There are several things surfacing this week that will require my attention, mostly to do with the tariff war between the U.S. and China, the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, and the other ongoing crisis in the Persian Gulf.

It seems we’re in a perpetual state of conflict and concern these days.

So, read up on the first two situations I’m keeping an eye on as you drink your morning coffee…

1. The Persian Gulf Remains Hot

The Persian Gulf remains the top spot in my geopolitical concern.

As Russia inserts itself in many situations around the world, my main concern is indications surfacing among my network that there is a “backdoor” consensus arising between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

This would be on policy accommodations limiting traditional U.S. leverage in the Persian Gulf. So, I am investigating these reports to see what could be coming out of this.

2. New Developments in the South China Sea

In other geopolitical news, I’ll be reviewing new intelligence on pending moves in the South China Sea. These moves are designed to offset U.S. support for Taiwan and Vietnam in what could be the next Beijing step in tightening its control over offshore energy resources.

Longtime readers will know that I’ve been following the situation in the South China Sea extremely carefully over the last few years. And the last few months have seen tensions ramping up to levels we haven’t seen in years.

The additional wrinkle of Taiwan and Vietnam could ramp up tensions even further. The Chinese have been adding to their weapons arsenal in the area for years, but soon things could push them over the brink.

Not if the U.S. has anything to say on the matter, however.

Defensive and offensive weaponry are being developed by defense contractors in the U.S. as we speak, specially designed to counteract what the Chinese has in store for the South China Sea.

Click here for more information on how we can beat the Chinese at their own game.



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