Reducing Stress and Increasing Profits with Solar Energy

Reducing Stress and Increasing Profits with Solar Energy

by | published July 20th, 2019

The energy sector has had a long and varied history of panicked pundits.

Most famous – and one that more than a few of my readers probably remember – is the 1970s energy crisis. A 350% jump in oil prices in 1973 alone sent most of the market into a blind panic.

Things got more expensive, businesses laid off workers, and long gas lines became the norm. And as Secretary of Commerce Peter Peterson put at the time, “The era of low-cost energy is almost dead.”

This was just the beginning of the list of energy crises we would face in the years following.

The Gulf War in the 1990s spiked prices again. Not quite as dramatic a jump as in the 70s, but significant all the same.

Between 2000 and 2008, pundits and TV talking heads were all about Peak Oil and Peak Gas. In other words, the worry that we’ve reached our oil and natural gas capacity, and the rate of production will enter a terminal decline.

2015 saw the dollar rising by 15% and the increase of U.S. shale oil. It also saw a massive decline in oil prices – to be exact, an average drop of about 48% between 2014 and 2015.

Prices are relatively stable right now, with some minor volatility that is to be expected, but given the history of the market, I wouldn’t be surprised if the time were ripe for another crisis.

But things don’t have to be quite so uncertain.

Taking Uncertainty Out of the Equation

Fact is, running around the energy market with the constant anxiety of “what’s going to happen next” in the back of your head is exhausting.

It’s the reason energy experts like myself have been looking beyond crude oil and natural gas for sources of energy.

Because you know what’s unlikely to have the sort of crisis that oil and gas create?


The main concern that market insiders have regarding the oil industry is the question of whether or not we will have enough to sustain our society for as long as it exists.

The answer is a resounding “no.”

Don’t misunderstand me. We still have plenty of fossil fuels at our disposal for the next foreseeable future, but it’s the uncertainty that makes pundits and investors alike nervous.

This is a topic I have discussed in detail in previous editions of Oil & Energy Investor, that uncertainty is the one element that energy insiders avoid more than anything else.

And that’s why we’ve gone from looking down at the oil beneath our feet to the sun above our heads.

Because that’s the beauty of renewable energy. It’s infinite. The sun will be around for the next five billion years or so to light up our solar panels, and as long as it creates uneven heat on Earth’s surface, the wind will always be blowing.

Of course, solar and wind energy are not infallible, but they take the biggest factor in energy crises out of the picture.

There Are Dollar Signs in Solar Energy

Now, veteran readers will know that solar energy is the fastest-rising sector in energy today, and it’s growing faster than anyone could have anticipated.

More and more companies are seeing the possibilities the sun has to offer. In fact, we could power most of our modern society with the energy from our sun alone.

The UK is working to power its trains using solar energy…

Saudi Arabia is looking at solar energy to make saltwater suitable for farming…

The Philippines just switched on its first floating solar power project…

Cities across America have proposed legislations to be powered mostly by renewable energy by 2050…

And solar panel manufacturers are seeing dollar signs ahead.

This one in particular is a leader in the industry, with facilities in 15 countries and dozens of awards for excellence in the solar industry.

This is a company that provides solar panels to some of the biggest projects in the world, and it has no intentions to slow down anytime soon.

Simply put, this company is extremely well-positioned to potentially benefit from the mind-blowing growth of the industry. And with more projects being announced and completed every year, it’s expected to only grow more prestigious.

And when the company grows its profits, so too do the shareholders.

You can take advantage of what could be a remarkable money maker. Just click here to learn everything you need to know.



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