Most People Won't Notice This Date - But You Can Profit From It

Most People Won’t Notice This Date – But You Can Profit From It

by | published August 17th, 2019

History is chock-full of significant dates.

December 16, 1773: the Boston Tea Party…

November 9, 1799: the French Revolution ends…

November 11, 1918: Armistice Day…

September 11, 2001: the World Trade Towers are attacked…

And hundreds of others.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a date that isn’t significant in any way, in fact.

However, it’s not just important historical dates that people remember. There are minor instances as well. For example, January 28, 1813 is when Pride and Prejudice was published, and in 1979, the first erasable pen was invented.

These days, you’ll find people celebrating National Donut Day, or Left Handers Day, or International Siblings Day.

I can’t say I keep track of things like that, but there are certain dates that I make particular note of.

The next one on my calendar is August 21, just a few days away.

Here’s why…

Save the Date: August 21

Ever since our society discovered oil under our feet, we’ve been working on new and improved ways to access it.

It didn’t take very long for our oil drillers to figure out that there isn’t oil only in the ground beneath, but there’s also a substantial amount under the water surrounding us.

Offshore drilling began in 1897, and it hasn’t slowed down even a little bit ever since.

In fact, it’s only grown.

The potential of vast stores of oil and natural gas in the water has been a source of conflict for decades, as different counties claim different regions.

Longtime readers will know that the South China Sea is one of them.

However, what I’m talking about is not geopolitical in nature.

Because as I’ve mentioned before, new technology is constantly being invented to better access the valuable resource we rely on.

One of them is what I call Electro-Wave Inversion, or EWIs.

This is a tiny device, just about an inch tall, but has the potential to unlock $3.9 trillion in new wealth.


Oil drillers are fighting each other to get their hands on this device’s technology, because it uses the Earth’s own seismic waves to find every oil deposit on the planet.

And on August 21, just four days from today, things are going to come to a head.

Executives from dozens of huge companies will be getting together this week to bid on the rights to use this device’s technology…

And the company that developed it could soar as a result.

You’re not going to want to miss this new development, but if you want in, you’ll have to do it now, before August 21.

Because when this company rises, it could rise fast.

Just click here for all the information you’ll need.



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    Thank You in advance Dr. Moors for the big day tomorrow! Looking forward to joy my creditors will experience from all your hard work. Blessings, Mildred

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