The Situation Room: Around the world in Geopolitical Meetings

The Situation Room: Around the world in Geopolitical Meetings

by | published August 26th, 2019

Welcome back to The Situation Room, Oil & Energy Investors.

After a nice weekend, this week seems all about geopolitical meetings. Geopolitics has managed to take over in all aspects of the energy market, and I’ll be keeping a close eye on several situations this week.

These are situations ranging from the ongoing crisis in Venezuela to the increasing tensions in the Persian Gulf to the ever-increasing rhetoric from the White House.

I suppose I can never say my job doesn’t make life interesting…

So, let’s get started with the first two situations I’m keeping an eye on this week…

1. Clandestine Meetings in Venezuela

Whenever I think we may have hit the limit of new developments coming out of Venezuela, information from my network comes through with yet another situation. It never fails to impress me.

This week, I will be reviewing this accelerating crisis in Venezuela, given that an “under the radar” allowance of U.S. oil field drilling and processing services to PDVSA (the Venezuelan state oil company) is likely to be ended by Washington.

I have been advised to expect an invitation to provide analysis at a private investment meeting on the situation, and, as always, I will bring you along to the extent that I can.

2. Less Clandestine Meetings in the Persian Gulf

On September 6, I will attend meetings in Dubai and Doha on the ongoing Persian Gulf crisis.

So, this week, I will be running an initial assessment of various “flash points” to comprise elements for these upcoming meetings.

How You Can Make the Sun Electrify Your Wallet

Despite geopolitics taking over the headlines – and my time – I’ve managed to keep a close eye on the various energy markets there are to offer.

One of them, as longtime readers will be aware, is the fastest-growing market in energy.

That is, of course, renewable energy. And solar energy is particularly impressive.

Solar technology is getting better and more efficient every year, and I believe it won’t be long before much of our electricity is coming from above.

That’s why I’ve taken a look at this company, which is a leader in the solar panel manufacturing business.

Year to date, this remarkable company has seen a peak gain of a staggering 142% – and mark my words: it’s not done yet.

The year is far from over, and I expect to see even more impressive growth coming out of it before the year is up.

If you’d like to learn how this company can pad your wallet, just click here to get started.



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