The Situation Room: "Locked and Loaded"

The Situation Room: “Locked and Loaded”

by | published September 16th, 2019

Haven’t been back in the States for more than a few days and things are already blowing up. Literally.

As most of you are aware, an attack on Saudi Arabia’s largest oil processing facility was attacked over the weekend. Half of Saudi Arabia’s oil output has gone offline.

At the risk of sounding immodest, when it comes to my feelings on this attack, surprise was last on the list. In fact, I’ve been expecting this to happen since May, when attacks on oil tankers were making headlines. At that time, I predicted today’s very situation – and what it means going forward.

You can read it right here.

But the attack in Saudi Arabia are only the tip of the iceberg this week.

Here are the other situations I’ll be keeping a close eye on…

1. Another Day, Another Attack

For obvious reasons, the first thing I will be tackling this week is assessing the ongoing impact of the attack on Saudi oil assets, along with the continuing strategic vulnerabilities in the region.

President Trump has declared that the U.S. is “locked and loaded” for war after the attack.

Again, this situation is familiar to me, as I predicted this very scenario four months ago. The consequences of this attack could be very serious indeed, but beyond the geopolitical implications, there are other effects we are likely to see. More on that in a moment.

2. Compiling Notes from the Persian Gulf

As you know, I have spent the last couple weeks ensconced in meetings in Dubai and Doha in the Persian Gulf. Those meetings were quite informative, and could be leading to some interesting developments moving forward.

This week, I’ll be prioritizing investment recommendations resulting from this week of meetings in the Persian Gulf, and my readers in Energy Advantage, Energy Inner Circle, and Micro Energy Trader should be seeing some of them quite soon.

Where the Saudi Attack Is Leading the Oil Market

As I said a moment ago, the attack on Saudi Arabia’s largest oil field will have far-reaching effects, and not just in the geopolitical sense.

This morning, I sent profit recommendations to all three of my premium readers, thanks to a huge uptick in oil prices as a result from the attack. In fact, the oil benchmark set in London, Brent, saw the largest leap upward in its history.

Now, my sources are telling me that the Saudis intend to bring their output back up to full production by this week, but the oil market is going to be seeing changes far beyond that.

Changes of the profitable kind.

When something like this happens to disrupt the oil market so heavily, you can bet there are several ways to play it.

And I know what they are.

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