The Situation Room: Watching and Waiting for Persian Gulf Meetings

The Situation Room: Watching and Waiting for Persian Gulf Meetings

by | published September 3rd, 2019

Welcome back from your long weekend, Oil & Energy Investors. It’s the day after Labor Day: the summer is officially over, our kids are back in school, traffic is a little heavier, and the next holiday is in two months. It also marks a change in the energy markets as the summer driving season and the winter buying season begins.

I will shortly be on my way to the Persian Gulf for meetings on a variety of topics, some of which I have covered in previous Situation Room mailings. As I prepare for the latest round of travels, there are several things I’ll be keeping an eye on.

I’ll be keeping an eye on them throughout my schedule abroad as well, in fact.

So, the following are the top two situations I’ll be watching this week…

1. Private Energy Placements

First and foremost, considering my imminent departure, I will be looking into major revisions in private investment energy placements in advance of my meetings in the Persian Gulf beginning at the end of this week.

These meetings should be quite interesting, particularly considering the volatile state the oil and energy market is in at the moment.

Stay tuned for more details from these meetings, as I will likely have more to say on the discussions after the fact.

2. Developments Coming Out of the UAE

A new situation is developing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and this week I will be investigating new moves by the UAE in the Persian Gulf.

What makes this intriguing is that despite remaining a U.S. ally, the UAE did not advise Washington beforehand.

Saving Lives with Revolutionary Technology

Despite being years removed from my experiences during the Cold War, there are certain things I’m unable to forget.

And there are those that I refuse to forget, lest we all forget.

One of these things is the senseless deaths of people I knew at the time.

However, some of those lives could have been saved had we the technology we have now.

That is a technology that is allowing people with injuries that, in the past, would have been fatal, to survive with little lasting damage.

The importance of this kind of technology cannot be overstated. It could very well change the game in the increased geopolitical tensions we’ve been seeing recently.

And it could save hundreds of lives.

Just click here to learn more about it.



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