Try Your Luck with This "Motherlode" Discovery

Try Your Luck with This “Motherlode” Discovery

by | published September 7th, 2019

Some people have all the luck, or so some people say.

In school, it might be your classmate who gets A’s on all tests and assignments without doing the slightest lick of work.

After college, it might be someone you know who gets their dream job right away.

At work, your coworker might get that promotion you’ve been aiming for.

Or it could be this guy:

An unemployed man named Thomas Higgins decided to take his metal detector to a field in Staffordshire, England.

It was here that he stumbled upon the largest Anglo-Saxon treasure hoard of all time.

Buried beneath that field were 3,500 ancient artifacts, including golden sword hilts, Christian crosses, and jewels.

The total haul was worth $5.5 million.

Or the lucky one could be that friend of yours who always manages to make the right trades in the right market for a hefty profit.

That’s where this comes into play.

Because you could become that friend…

How You Could Become a Player in this Lucky Break

The dumb luck stories continue with a failed banker who had nothing to his name.

And he decided to become the proud owner of a plot of land deep in Texas that no one else in the region would touch.


Why knows? Cosmic fate, perhaps.

Everyone else scoffed at the notion that he might find oil underneath this dusty, forgotten plot of land.

But looks like this failed banker got the last laugh.

Because shortly after his purchase, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) dispatched survey teams across the nation to discover new mineral, oil, and energy reserves that were previously undiscovered – but recoverable.

And one of those teams was sent right to the region where the banker had just bought his land.

Shortly after, the USGS announced that underneath this land was approximately 20 billion barrels of oil.

It was subsequently called “the motherlode.”

This underground ocean of oil was about three times bigger than the Bakken oil discovery.

And the profits were just waiting to roll in.

What makes this land so valuable is not just the amount of oil, however.

It’s also that the oil in this region is of the highest quality, yet it’s the cheapest to get out of the ground.

The company that was founded off the back of this discovery has every intention of doing just that.

And you could get involved, too.

Just click here to learn how you could become that lucky friend who knows exactly how to make a fortune for yourself.



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