How You Could Beat Wall Street to the Punch with the Ripple Effect

How You Could Beat Wall Street to the Punch with the Ripple Effect

by | published October 12th, 2019

Regular readers of Oil & Energy Investor are aware of my work in geopolitics, and that I spend much of my time advising on the current geopolitical situation.

As such, I’m well aware of how certain events can impact the financial markets.

Take recent events, for example.

I’ve recently been attending meetings regarding the attacks on Saudi Arabian oil fields. What was most notable in the immediate aftermath of these attacks was the affect they had on the energy market.

Oil prices absolutely skyrocketed in the hours after the attack. In fact, global oil benchmark set daily in London, Brent, saw the biggest jump in its history.

This is not something to be taken lightly, and I advised my readers in all three of my premium subscriptions on certain profit opportunities that resulted (if you’re interested, just click here to get access).

Now, in the days following this historic rise, oil prices once again retreated, but we’re still looking at market volatility even nearly a month after the attacks.

My point is that everything, from the smallest catalyst to the biggest, has an effect on the market.

Most people know it as the “Butterfly Effect,” or the “Ripple Effect.”

And I know someone who is in a league of his own when it comes to predicting the ripple effect in any market you choose.

He calls them Shockwaves.

The Secret to Shockwave Success Is Here

While attacks on oil fields or oil tankers aren’t a particularly common problem (though recent events may belie that belief…), there are other things going on in the world that are happening all the time.

These events are likely to cause a ripple – or shockwave – in the financial markets.

And all Mark Rossano has to do is identify them and pick the ones he knows could be profitable.

He’s often right.

In the last two years, he’s nailed 55 winning predictions. And they weren’t predictions of the minor variety.

Anyone who took them and was able to find and implement the kinds of trades that he makes could have had a shot at a staggering 102,502% gains.

These are numbers you’re not going to find every day.

Because most traders in the markets are three-dimensional kind of people.

But Mark is a four-dimensional kind of guy.

What that means is that he sees trades in the fourth dimension, and that allows him to identify and exploit shockwaves long before anyone on Wall Street – much less our own government – even knows they exist.

And he’s handing you the secret to his success.

If you’d like to take advantage of his shockwave trade recommendations – and learn about all the latest potential profit opportunities resulting from global events – just click here to learn all about it.



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