The Situation Room: The Aramco IPO Finally Takes Off

The Situation Room: The Aramco IPO Finally Takes Off

by | published December 9th, 2019

Welcome back from the weekend, Oil & Energy Investors.

It’s gearing up to be a busy week, what with recent geopolitical events, and my travel schedule. I’ll be heading up to Baltimore this week to meet with my team to discuss some exciting new developments for you.

Beyond that, my analysis this week will span the globe, from Saudi Arabia to the UK, and all with significant potential impacts on the oil and energy markets.

Below are my top two focus points for this week.

So, let’s take a look…

1. The Aramco IPO is a Go

This upcoming Wednesday will mark the first day of trading for Saudi Arabia’s state oil company, Saudi Aramco.

This IPO is expected to raise nearly $26 billion, and value Aramco at $1.7 trillion. Longtime Oil & Energy Investor subscribers have read my thoughts on the offering and its potential impact on the oil market.

Now that the beginning of trading is in sight, this week I will be assessing the results of this historic IPO. So, stay tuned, since I will likely have more to say on the topic in the coming weeks.

2. Investigations into a Mining Giant

The last few days has seen some troubling news coming out of British-Swiss global oil, mining, and commodities trader Glencore.

Glencore has been hit with ongoing bribery investigations, starting in July 2018 regarding its activities in the Congo, Venezuela, and Nigeria. The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) announced investigations regarding “suspicions of bribery in the conduct of business.”

This could have some serious consequences in the energy sector as a whole, and I will be taking a look at the investigations over the course of this week.



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