Oil & Energy Investor by Dr. Kent Moors

There Are 2 Million Reasons to Sign Up For this Summit…

by | published November 16th, 2019

Corporate America has a bad rep, but it’s not undeserved.

Every day, stories are told of employees being mistreated by employers…

Fired for minor offenses like social media posts…

Denied vacation and sick days…

Told that their job trumps everything else in their life, including family and friends…

Or made to work unpaid overtime hours.

Of course, that’s not the case in every job or with every boss or manager, but enough people tell these stories to make it concerning.

But there can be a better way to make money.

No cubicle, no desk, and you could do it from anywhere in the world – from your living room couch to the beaches in the Bahamas.

And what if that change paid you more than all your bosses are making combined?

For many people, that could transform their lives…

A Bittersweet Meeting in “The City of Light”

by | published November 15th, 2019

On Monday, Marina and I are flying out to one of our favorite cities: Paris.

Paris is one of our main locations to relax and recharge. This year, in particular, it is also part of a multi-month series of trips celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary.

Now, there are a couple of traditions on how Paris obtained the urban epithet “City of Light(s).” One comes from the seventeenth century and reflected the city’s central position in the rise of The Enlightenment.

Another emerges from the early eighteenth century and a police request that citizens put a lighted candle or oil lamp in the window to provide more illumination on the streets outside, and thereby contribute to a reduction in the crime rate.

But I have always favored a third.

It not only nicely provides the image conveyed by the city’s title, but also is an appropriate segue to our main interest here in Oil & Energy Investor: energy.

It begins with an engineer named Philippe Lebon