Oil & Energy Investor by Dr. Kent Moors

This Could Be a “Make or Break” Week for Markets

by | published March 30th, 2020

There is a rising assumption among experts that this week could decide whether the market can withstand additional weakening from COVID-19.

As a result, three of the four areas I’m investigating this week directly involve the pandemic crisis, while the fourth is drawn from new reactions to it…

1. I’m crunching new data on advancing problems in the impact of the virus on energy demand and the resulting decline in economic prospects.

2. I’m running algorithmic forecasts to identity the next wave of Crisis Watch option spreads in several market sectors directly affected by COVID -19.

3. I’ll be examining the oncoming problems for energy transit systems as virus “hot spots” move from inland from the United States’ coasts.

And, additionally…

Oil Developments and the Way to Invest in an Age of COVID-19

by | published March 27th, 2020

In the last Oil and Energy Investor I laid out what is coming for the U.S. economy and asset the stage for today’s outlining of an investment posture during the pandemic. COVID-19 (coronavirus) is likely to become a recurring cyclical problem, ebbing during certain times of the year and then coming back in others. As a result, we need to realize that, until a vaccine emerges, this is going to be a different investment environment.

But before we get to that, I’ve got some news on breaking developments in the oil sector…