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Celebrating a Mathematical Success – And You Can Join the Fun

by | published May 18th, 2019

Most of you probably remember the state the stock market was in around Christmas time last year.

Source: Yahoo Finance

To put it mildly, it tanked.

We ended up in the middle of the biggest selloff I’ve seen in my career – which is saying something, considering that I’ve been in the financial markets for over four decades.

It took some time for the market to recover and the dust to settle. In fact, we’re still in recovery territory.

During this mass panic, there were many investors who lost quite a bit of money. It’s not surprising, as this tends to happen whenever the market drops that much in such a short time, despite how infrequently it happens.

But there were a few savvy investors who managed to stay one step ahead of the collapsing market and come out relatively unscathed.

This is one of them.

Prepare for a Violent Storm When Things Get Eerily Calm

by | published May 17th, 2019

Today’s geopolitical situation has been bringing to mind the eerie quiet before a tornado hits.

People stop what they’re doing and everyone’s face looks up to watch the sky turn green…

A deadly silence kicks up as animals flee for cover…

Air pressure suddenly changes…

And it seems like you’re suddenly all alone in the world.

This happens right before the deafening sound of a train barreling towards you that means that you’d better get to a shelter before you’re swept away.

Well, these days, we’re in the calm before a very different kind of storm.

The three global crises having the most direct impact on the energy sector are all barreling to the end of this week at almost full throttle