Unlike Wall Street, We’re Not Running Scared From Oil’s Recent Volatility

by | published February 15th, 2018

When oil trading ended at 2:30 PM Eastern yesterday, the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) had moved up 2.4%.

Brent, the other and more globally used benchmark, had risen 2.7%.

Both reversed a downturn that has enveloped the oil trade since the end of last month.

You see, after reaching multi-year highs on January 26, WTI had declined 10.5% through February 13 while Brent slid 11.3%. 

Moreover, as the markets begin to show signs of finding a bottom – with four consecutive positive sessions through yesterday’s close – the energy sector has continued to perform weaker than most of the other S&P 500 sectors.

Because of that, analysts have started grasping at straws.

Some are predicting a gradual lowering of prices from current levels…

Why the Middle East’s Dream of a Post-Oil Economy Is at a Crossroads

by | published February 13th, 2018

In a little more than two weeks, Marina and I will once again be traveling to Windsor Castle outside London.

The occasion?

The annual Windsor Energy Consultation held under royal charter.

This year will mark the ninth year in which I have briefed the gathering. The importance of that meeting, and the way in which it galvanizes global energy conversations, will be something we will continue to cover over the next couple of weeks here at Oil & Energy Investor.

But there is one matter that will be discussed there that I want to bring to your attention today…

It involves a new “Energy Revolution” that is already sending shockwaves throughout the global energy sector.

So let’s take a look