How to Turn the Bitcoin Boom into Energy Profits

by | published December 13th, 2017

I have never subscribed to the Bitcoin craze.

In my opinion, it is a massive pyramid scheme that is rapidly creating a dangerous bubble. 

The kind of dangerous bubble we haven’t seen since the subprime mortgage implosion almost a decade ago.

However, I am not here to talk about the sustainability of Bitcoin.

I’m here to talk about the massive impact it has on energy.

Regardless of my personal feelings, Bitcoin is influencing the price of energy.

In fact, the connection between Bitcoin and energy costs is one of the main reasons China has become the world’s leading location for “mining” the currency.

At issue is how much each Bitcoin costs in energy terms.

This is something that cryptocurrency enthusiasts have only begun to consider.

Fact is, Bitcoin might be all the rage

Why the U.S. Natural Gas Price Squeeze Is On Its Last Legs

by | published December 8th, 2017

American natural gas prices are at their lowest since February.

As I write this, Henry Hub (the primary confluence of pipelines in northern Louisiana at which the NYSE daily futures contract price is pegged) is off 11 cents to $2.79 per thousand cubic feet (or million BTUs), having lost 8.8% in value for the week and 12% for the month. 

The reason is simple: overall demand is coming in lower than this time last year.

But that’s not going to last for much longer.

You see, there is a major catalyst in the natural gas market that could soon send prices through the roof in 2018.

Here’s how