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A Bittersweet Meeting in “The City of Light”

by | published November 15th, 2019

On Monday, Marina and I are flying out to one of our favorite cities: Paris.

Paris is one of our main locations to relax and recharge. This year, in particular, it is also part of a multi-month series of trips celebrating our thirtieth wedding anniversary.

Now, there are a couple of traditions on how Paris obtained the urban epithet “City of Light(s).” One comes from the seventeenth century and reflected the city’s central position in the rise of The Enlightenment.

Another emerges from the early eighteenth century and a police request that citizens put a lighted candle or oil lamp in the window to provide more illumination on the streets outside, and thereby contribute to a reduction in the crime rate.

But I have always favored a third.

It not only nicely provides the image conveyed by the city’s title, but also is an appropriate segue to our main interest here in Oil & Energy Investor: energy.

It begins with an engineer named Philippe Lebon

Answering Your Excellent Questions

by | published November 13th, 2019

On Monday, Marina and I will be off to Paris.

Over the week that we’re there, we’ll have a chance to see old friends and visit some of our favorite restaurants, but for much of the time I will be in meetings that shape up as the next chapter in a rapidly changing energy investment environment.

As readers of Oil & Energy Investment are aware, those changes have obliged I put on the travel miles over the past several weeks – Dubai, Doha, Fujairah and Sha’am in the Persian Gulf, Canada, New York City, and London.

I’ll fill you in upcoming issues of Oil & Energy Investor on what awaits me in Paris; it is likely that some of the biggest issues I have faced await me in the “City of Light.”

But today I thought we could take a breather from the heavy geopolitics and do something else – answering some of the excellent questions you folks have been sending in.

So, let’s get started