How International Tensions Are Paving the Way for This Tiny Company

by | published July 21st, 2018

Geopolitics have been front and center here in Oil & Energy Investor because, quite frankly, it’s all everyone talks about nowadays.

But nothing could’ve prepared us for last week’s meeting between President Trump and President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

I’d say the meeting was controversial, but that would be a tremendous understatement.

But that’s no reason to be alarmed…

How Fossil Fuels Affect the Energy Market Even More than Renewables

by | published July 19th, 2018

There are many factors affecting the energy market these days: Iran sanctions, Venezuela’s collapse, and the rise of renewables are just a few.

No matter what factors are in play, one thing will always remain certain: energy prices are in a constant state of fluctuation.

But according to Dr. Kent Moors, there is another factor in play that has a much bigger impact on prices, and it goes beyond even the impact that renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy have.

On July 18, Kent was invited to CGTN to discuss natural gas and its impact in the new global “energy balance.”

Watch the video to view Kent’s full appearance