Tesla Just Showed Us the Future of Energy

by | published July 13th, 2017

Back when Tesla Inc. (TSLA) unveiled a test of its new “Powerpacks” – batteries to power homes and businesses – it was clear that the company’s future wasn’t in building cars…

But in providing for a broad spectrum of power sources.

Now, most people still regard lithium-ion batteries as something just to do with cellphones or electric cars.

But now, a major announcement by Tesla indicates the shift to serving large-scale power needs is happening sooner than expected.

This could be an absolute game changer in energy storage…

And could revolutionize energy worldwide.

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Where Oil Prices Will Be By September – and Why the “Distortionists” Won’t Be Able to Stop It

by | published July 11th, 2017

Looking back, I had a rather brief childhood. I suppose that results from starting my first college degree (in theoretical physics) at 13.

But I had several loves during that period. One was baseball. In fact, I was rather good until meeting my first genuine slider – a violation of all the rules of nature I was studying at the time.

Another was science fiction and horror flicks.

I probably saw every low budget release. And there is one thing I remember about a “forward-thinking” vampire (the Christopher Lee-type).

They would consistently drain a victim but keep them alive. That would allow for a partial recovery and another meal later.

Much like the current state of the oil market…

So today, let me cut through the noise and tell you exactly why oil prices are yo-yoing, and where they’ll end up by September.

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