What This Oil Price Roller Coaster Actually Tells Us

by | published March 17th, 2017

Crude oil prices this morning are up slightly and effectively flat following the fast decline earlier this week.

Despite the clamor being raised by “analysts” portending a bloodbath in oil prices during the  sharp decline late last week, neither the underlying market dynamics nor the oil trading contracts themselves were pointing in that direction. 

You see, the drop in price actually had very little to do with the real supply of oil…

What I Revealed in My Windsor Briefings: Part II

by | published March 14th, 2017

In the last OEI, I summarized what I told the Windsor Castle energy consultation in my first briefing on March 4. However, it was the second of my two briefings that occasioned the greatest reaction.

This one dealt with what I saw in energy finance trends for 2017, including the rise of a major new element in funding global projects and related other related initiatives. This latter portion was already anticipated by some of the policy makers gathered at Windsor. They had been in the audience when I advanced the subject during my address before the Iranian Natural Gas and LNG Summit two weeks earlier in Frankfurt.

Several of them even requested that I extend my comments at Windsor. I had intended to do so anyway, but the request was welcome nonetheless.

And the sources of funding for global energy projects are about to change dramatically – including where that funding is headed