What Iran’s $4.8 Billion Gas Deal Really Means for Sanctions and the Energy Market

by | published July 5th, 2017

Iran just signed a $4.8 billion natural gas deal with French major Total S.A. (TOT) and China’s CNPC – the first major deal with foreign companies since sanctions were first imposed on Iran. To find out what it all means – for the sanctions on Iran, and for energy markets – i24 News invited Dr. Kent Moors to explain.

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Why One of the Largest Oil Tankers Ever Made Just Sailed to Texas, Empty

by | published June 29th, 2017

The Gulf Coast has long been one of the key avenues for importing oil to the U.S.

So you might think the Anne – a 120-yard long oil ship – steaming into the port in Corpus Christi, Texas, in late May was nothing new.

After all, crude-carrying ships come there from all over the world, full of oil, to supply U.S. refineries.

But the Anne was different…

For one, it was the first time a VLCC – a Very Large Crude Carrier, the second-largest class of oil tanker in the world – had ever berthed there.

More importantly, the Anne was empty…

You see, the goal wasn’t to import oil, but to export it.

And that marks an enormous shift for American shale oil companies…