The Only 8 States You Do Not Want to Live In


No one wants you to see this chart… especially the U.S. government.

But I’m going to show it to you anyway…

Because it depicts which states will likely become wealthier in the near future… and which will not.

If you look, each state is highlighted in a different shade of red. The deeper shaded states are the ones that will benefit most from this new source of wealth. The lighter colored states will not.

That means if you live in New England, Maryland, New Jersey, or Washington, you may not see a penny of this new wealth.

But Dr. Moors has found a backdoor way for you to tap into this new source of wealth quickly and easily… regardless of which state you live in.

He’s spent six months investigating this situation and believes what he has found is critical to your future.

Just go here.


Mike Ward
Publisher, Oil and Energy Investor