Special Reports Archive

Special Reports Archive

The Energy Sector’s Best Low-Risk, High-Yield Opportunities

Contrary to popular belief, you can earn juicy yields well beyond what a bank or Treasury bond offers without taking on too much risk. With one simple move, you can earn much greater returns and lower your tax burden. Full Report.

Wind Power: 5 Ways to Play the Next Revolution in Energy

Wind power is booming. Even in oil-rich Texas, wind farms are on the rise, capable of providing electricity to one-third of the state. Worldwide, it’s one of the fastest growing energy sectors, unleashing unprecedented opportunities for investors. Full Report.

The “Supply Shock” That’s Turning the Oil Market on Its Head

After 40 years of empty promises, the prospect of U.S. energy independence has become a reality.

And what started five years ago in the Bakken has set off ripples around the world. The up-shot for investors is almost inconceivable profits. Full Report.

New Geothermal Technology: How to Invest in the 30,000-Year Energy Supply

A cheap, reliable energy source is waiting under the earth’s surface. It’s not oil, coal or any other fossil fuel. And it’s everywhere, including under your feet, right now.

Unbelievable amounts of heat are sitting under the surface of the earth. And this heat could supply the world’s energy needs for the next 30,000 years. Full Report.

Oil Futures: How to Predict Oil Prices -Using Crack Spreads

By next year, you could be paying $5 for a gallon of gas.

Ignore whatever the mainstream media is telling you about oil and gas prices. Full Report.

Smart Grid Technology: Profit from Digital Electricity’s Global Boom

The world will spend $200 billion on smart grid technology in the next four years.

That’s three times NASA’s total price tag to put Neil Armstrong on the moon, in 2011 dollars. But Neil wasn’t nearly as influential as smart grid will be.Full Report.

An Unusual Short-Term Profit Opportunity in Oil

You don’t always need to pump, transport, or sell oil to make a profit. Sometimes you just need to hold it.

For the average investor to make a profit, you need to know these three things:

  1. Who controls the storage facilities;
  2. Which trading companies have the best capacity to store crude oil, along with the refineries that can hold off on processing it; and perhaps most importantly,
  3. When to pull the plug.

Full Report.

How to Become A “New Energy” Millionaire

It’s no secret. Energy has been producing millionaires for a century now. That isn’t likely to change for the next 100 years, either. What is changing, even now, is how these new millionaires will be made.

In the months ahead, windfall profits are reserved for a handful of small, niche companies poised to become the biggest winners. And if you put your money into this one powerful little sub-sector, you could ride the profit wave along with them. Indeed, the new global power broker in oil has emerged. As you’ll see, this small – but important – group of companies now holds all the leverage… Full Report.