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The Best “Energy Intel” From Rio de Janeiro

by Dr. Kent Moors | published November 21st, 2013

If this is Thursday, it must be…Brazil.

I returned home late last night from Baltimore where we were putting the final touches on a huge new precedent-setting energy investment play we’ll be releasing very shortly.

But Marina and I are now into a very hectic travel schedule.

As you read this, we are on the first flight leg down to Rio de Janeiro. We are returning on Thanksgiving, only to turn around the next day and be off to Moscow. (Otherwise we would have had to pack for two very different climates!)

There are more trips in December. And I am not even thinking about what’s happening in January and February yet.

The reason behind this travel frenzy is the rapidly changing global energy balance. It’s one that will require a revision in our overall energy outlook.

All of which, will allow us to bring you a series of profitable new investment moves.

However, back to Brazil and the reason behind my meetings this weekend…