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Congress Just Sent an Open Invitation for Real Energy Profits

by Dr. Kent Moors | published April 28th, 2015

Thanks to a rare example of bipartisan legislation that just cleared Congress, the energy efficiency push is on again.

Called the “Energy Efficiency Improvement Act,” the bill passed the House of Representatives last week after having been approved by the Senate.

The final bill was a very watered-down version of the idea first proposed.

But that is almost always what happens when Congress seeks the lowest common denominator. Reminds me of the old adage defining a camel as a horse designed by a committee.

Even though the legislation that now awaits a presidential signature turned out to be somewhat less grandiose than initially anticipated and is short on tangible specifics, as a first step it will do. And it’s going to open the doors to some real profit opportunities.

Here’s my take on the new bill… and where the best opportunities lie…