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This “Secret Ingredient” Generates Solar Power at Night

by Dr. Kent Moors | published February 13th, 2014

As solar power enthusiasts know all too well, renewable energy has the same problem that the “normal” generation of electricity does.

It’s how to store all of the energy produced so that it can be used when it’s needed. For solar power, that means even at night.

To date, this conversation has always centered around discovering new battery technologies.

Yet, given the sheer size of power generated, simply serializing batteries, however different these batteries may be, does not seem to solve another fundamental problem.

The roadblock is this: The inability to store energy at its source means there is a significant loss of power once it is moved from generation to transport.

However, a groundbreaking new development in Tonopah, Nevada, may have finally solved this stubborn problem.

It revolves around a “secret ingredient” called molten salt…

There’s No Telling How Much Unconventional Oil and Gas Will Hand Us (But It’s A Lot)

by Dr. Kent Moors | published December 17th, 2013

Back in early 2007, at the dawn of the revolution, it was easy for me to go out on a limb when it came to rise of shale gas and tight oil.

In fact, in an interview at time, I suggested two things that were rather “unconventional” themselves.

One was that the rise unconventional oil and gas would accelerate U.S. domestic availability. The other was the prospect that it would reverse the long time decline in overall production.  

For that second point, I was roundly criticized by some of the “seasoned” talking heads sitting around the same table, fingering their empty cups of coffee.

Then, the whole idea of unconventional oil and gas was thought of as just a “flash in the pan.”

Well, here we are less than seven years later and boy have things changed…

Today, the prospects for unconventional oil and gas have gone through the roof – even much quicker than I had anticipated.

For investors, that continues to hand us new ways to profit…

How China Just Grabbed 90% of Ecuador’s Oil

by Dr. Kent Moors | published December 12th, 2013

I was a guest on Chinese national television last night. The discussion was via a live satellite link that had me sitting in a Pittsburgh studio with the feed traveling through their affiliate in Washington.

I’ve done this before. But this time the discussion was all about a subject I have been personally involved in.

It had to do with the big Chinese move into Ecuador – one that has given Beijing the upper hand over who really controls of the country’s oil.

As long-time readers will recall, I have been advising on a refinery project in Ecuador for some time now. Slated for outside Manta on the country’s west coast, it’s known as The Pacifico Project, or locally as the Refineria

Project costs in this massive endeavor have swelled to about $13 billion. Nonetheless, the government still says the 300,000 barrel per day complex will begin operations in 2017. 

The real story, however, lies in the combination of interests surrounding the facility.

As you’ll learn, this is just the latest example of the bold move by China into South American energy …

The Best “Energy Intel” From Rio de Janeiro

by Dr. Kent Moors | published November 21st, 2013

If this is Thursday, it must be…Brazil.

I returned home late last night from Baltimore where we were putting the final touches on a huge new precedent-setting energy investment play we’ll be releasing very shortly.

But Marina and I are now into a very hectic travel schedule.

As you read this, we are on the first flight leg down to Rio de Janeiro. We are returning on Thanksgiving, only to turn around the next day and be off to Moscow. (Otherwise we would have had to pack for two very different climates!)

There are more trips in December. And I am not even thinking about what’s happening in January and February yet.

The reason behind this travel frenzy is the rapidly changing global energy balance. It’s one that will require a revision in our overall energy outlook.

All of which, will allow us to bring you a series of profitable new investment moves.

However, back to Brazil and the reason behind my meetings this weekend…

What 18 Oil Executives Just Told Me in Las Vegas

by Dr. Kent Moors | published November 19th, 2013

As you read this, Marina and I are once again on a flight home from Las Vegas.

It was our sixth trip to “The Strip” since May. It seems everybody wants to meet there these days. It is also the first stage in what is going to be a very hectic travel schedule.

We arrive back in Pittsburgh late tonight. Then I fly solo to Baltimore tomorrow to work on very significant new product launch at Money Map Press (you’re going to hear a great deal about this one soon…so stay tuned.)

Afterwards, there won’t be much time to wind down. The two of us are off to Rio de Janeiro on Thursday, back on Thanksgiving and then on to Moscow the next day.

Of course, I will be bringing you along on all of these trips – including my December adventures which I’ll be discussing in due course.

For now, let’s just say it’s shaping up to be a blur of airports over the next two months.

As I noted about a month ago, there are some big things happening in the global energy mix right now and they are going to provide us with some great investment opportunities.

But first, I need to talk to some very important but scattered people.

That brings me to the 18 oil executives I just met with in Vegas…

The One Oil Move to Make ASAP

by Dr. Kent Moors | published September 17th, 2013

Damascus may have dodged a bullet (or a cruise missile), but nothing else has changed very much. Not in terms of risk.

That explains why the “Syrian Premium” remains. It may be slightly reduced, as you’ll see. But it is likely to stay with us even after the threat of a military solution has been averted.

At least for now…

But in addition to the ongoing uncertainty, there are other aspects of market pricing that are coming into focus. These pressures were building even before the latest round of Syrian intrigue.

They involve the traditional factors of supply and demand, with some regional wrinkles thrown in for good measure.

I will have more to say shortly about the best way you can profit from these opportunities. But for the moment, there’s one move to make in the immediate aftermath of the latest Syrian developments.

Here’s my full briefing…

Something Huge is Headed Our Way

by Dr. Kent Moors | published September 12th, 2013

Another Thursday…another airport.

For the fifth week in a row (or is it the sixth?), I am traveling as you read this. Marina decided to stay home this time, so I’m doing this one solo.

There’s no reason to panic though. Marina saw to it that everything I needed was packed and ready to go.

I hope.

The meetings that begin today are very significant. In fact, I’d call them huge. They are one of the final steps in a move I have been structuring for the past several years.

The result is going to be a major new opportunity for individual investors in valuable oil and gas assets.

You see, a breakthrough is about to occur…