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Germany Just Gave This One Energy Segment a €17 Billion Boost

by Dr. Kent Moors | published June 3rd, 2016

In an attempt to wean Germany from any dependence on nuclear energy, a few years ago the government of Angela Merkel embarked on a massive project to use renewables – solar and wind power – to usher in a new age of environmentally-friendly power production.

The initial results have hardly been what the ministers intended.

Phasing out nuclear power and moving into reliance low-carbon power sources has actually resulted in a situation that’s far worse – for both the environment and for German power consumers.

But now, Berlin is abuzz with the latest attempt to rescue Germany’s massive energy reorientation.

I’m talking about €17 billion being pushed into one specific sector of the energy market… a sector we’ve advanced here in Oil & Energy Investor for some time…